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Of Bezerkers and Battleaxes

"Conquest" has gotta be one of the coolest shows evah!

Today's was about the axe, and it was really interesting. Unlike most shows that talk about medieval combat and stuff, this one is well researched and very accurate. Also, they don't just talk about it...they strap some full plate on the host, and actually start beating each other with the weapons they're describing! Very fun stuff. Also, they cover all aspects of combat - what certain weapons were good for, how to use each weapon effectively, the drawbacks from each one, how they were made, and historically how they were used.

I always just randomly see this show when flipping channels - really need to find out exactly when it comes on so I can start watching it regularly. Yes kids, the History Channel can be fun, too. ::smiles::

While talking about the benefits and drawbacks of fighting with battleaxes, of course the Vikings were mentioned. In specific, the bezerkers. After watching one raging madman turn back *five* men armed with swords and shields, it's really making me look forward to the D&D game in a few hours. ^_^
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