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Are you ready?

“They talk about us being degenerates...
I’m tired of Generation X getting a bad rap.”
DX is back, tonight on RAW
“D-Generation X, that’s us.
You make the rules, and we’ll break them.”

Excuse my fanboyishness, but it was a pretty slow day today. But DX is back, and though Vince is prolly going to ruin it like he did the nWo and is tryin' to do with ECW, this is the first time in years that I've actually been excited enough about something to want to tune in. Usually I'll just randomly catch it if it's on, the Braves aren't playing, and I need some noise in the background. Tonight's gonna be big, cause if anyone can give professional wrestling the shot in the arm it so desperately needs, it's HBK and HHH. (And my prediction is that Orton and Carlito sign on as their new tag team. But maybe that's just me...)

EDIT: While going to the WWE site to steal that picture, I just noticed that the highly neglected WWE Fantasy team I picked out has exactly 666 points. Creepy.
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