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It's 5:00am.


Just getting home from Miso. I suppose after bein' gone from it this long, I had to make my presence known, let folks know that Nash was back. Even if it had only been two or three weeks. Heh.

Had a damn good time, too. Saw episode #5 of Golden Boy and loved it to death, probably as much as I've ever loved a single thirty-minute block of animation. That's about all I watched, really, as I was goofin' off the rest of the time with Mo, Tiff, Cheebs(!), or whoever else happened to be nearby. Even had James laughing so hard at one point he literally fell to the ground and was rolling around in laughter. XD

Only problem is that after having so much fun and kicking so much ass, I dunno how the hell I'm gonna go to sleep. Not with the dawn about to break and all. Ah well, might as well stay up since I'm already so wide-ass awake, seein' how it'd take me a good two hours before I actually dozed off even if I did lie down right now. After the past week I've had, it wouldn't be too different from the norm.

And suck it, pirates. Ninjas pwn.
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