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I got TWO WORDS for ya!


I dunno, are any of the other pro rasslin' fans out there as disappointed as I was over the "triumphant" return of ECW? (, I mean,

They only got one hour, as opposed to the standard two that the other WWE titles get. The matches rarely lasted longer than a minute. They gave huge pushes to Big Show and Kurt Angle, two wrestlers that not only aren't ECW in the slightest...but were pretty much washed up and unpopular in WWE. The main storyline still revolves primarily around Edge and John Cena...again, not really ECW. If they were gonna use WWE talent, then the least they could do would be to make it folks like the Crippler that we still strongly associate with their ECW days. Or bring back some talent like the Dudleys or Raven, other folks that just jump out and scream that brand name despite working for all the major feds.

And the biggest twist, the best storyline they could come up with was "let's go to RAW and fight the folks there". That, at least to me, says "we don't have enough talent to support our own show just yet" and/or "we need to leech off the popularity of the other Superstars for a while till we get up on our feet". Don't get me wrong...I love ECW. It's what wrestling should be, instead of what McMahon turned it into. And nothing will replace my memories of the good ol' days. But this just seemed like another WWE show with a different title.

Best match was the Sandman vs some unknown jobber with a lame gimmick. And while it was awesome to see Sandman back in action, it's kind of sad to think that the best match of the night was him kicking some jobber's ass. The rest of the old-school ECW wrestlers were just there to get punked out.

Justin Credible jobbed to Angle, not really doing anything impressive at all. Angle himself sucked as well - despite having more skill than anyone else in the league because of his Olympic gold medals and all, he just picked up and tossed his opponent around like you'd expect from someone like Kane or 'Taker. Justin landed awkwardly on an elbow or a hip or something from damn near every maneuver.

They spent ten minutes showing the Tazz vs Jerry Lawler fight, which lasted eight whole seconds. It was kinda cool seeing Tazz choke him out, but it killed a lot of time to just show that one move. And it was a replay from the other night...for the giant, spectacular premier they coulda used that time for another match.

The few familiar ECW faces were all in the battle royale, in which Big Show dominated. Thank goodness they restarted that match...I was about to throw my remote after seeing him clear the ring in under thirty seconds. Sabu won that one, but only barely. And that huge match, while it sounded good in theory, was actually kind of boring. A lot of people clubbed random folks with stop signs but there wasn't a whole lot of action.

Long story short, the best thing about watching that entire hour was the D-Generation X commercial for the next PPV. I have to admit that gave me the goosebumps watching it, and now I'm hoping that Vince doesn't ruin that gimmick like he did the nWo and is trying to do now with ECW. *sighs*
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