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But he wears a helmet to work every day?

I know I shouldn't find this funny, but it is a little amusing that the football player got hurt because he wasn't wearing his helmet. (Get well soon, Rothlimburger...)

Anyways! The rest of the weekend wasn't too bed, though I was completely worn out Sunday. Only got an hour and a half's sleep the night before, then had to deal with annoying members of the extended family, and then kind of flew on auto-pilot the rest of the day. Chatted with a few friends online and such. Not much to mention, other than mah Dani-chan found someone selling the entire ten-piece Galaxy Fraulien Yuna PVC set, and got them to hold that till she could find me online and tell me about it. I've been wanting to snag those for a while now, but at roughly $5 a pop (plus S&H), it would be hell trying to get the entire series since they were randomly packaged. And they aren't the most common things in the world to stumble actross, either...hehe. But now they're mine! And it's awesome!! Lessthanthree!!!

Started checking out Order of the Stick the other day, after Jason sent me a link to #132 telling me how he coulda seen one of my old PC's doing that in his retirement. It's a funny, funny strip if you've ever played any tabletop role-playing games. Lots of inside jokes about things that happen all the time while gaming, especially in D&D. (And Elan the bard sounds EXACTLY like Taylor, except that character wears armor, wields a weapon, and occasionally knows something...unlike any of T-bag's monks.) ^_^;

Besides that, I've been iconning. Gives me something to do late at night when I'm less than half-asleep and bored to death. They aren't very good, but I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it. Most were "happy accidents", like the several Ninja ones that I'm churning out while trying to think of a decent 'Ninja vs Pirate' one, but I'll take it. *chuckles* Still got another dozen that I wanna make, plus I need to touch up or redo some of my old ones (that were basically just cropped images, without much extra detail).

Keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Alberto. Still headin' on up towards Tampa, and on the verge of turning into a Hurricane any minute now. This close to landfall, if I was to work that one I'd likely already have been called (seeing how I drove through the hurricane on the way down to work Wilma). But, I'm still gonna keep my eyes open just to be sure. Either way, keep safe, you crazy Floridians...
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