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Not a good start to the day. Had trouble sleeping last night, due to what would soon become a migrane headache from hell. Got a few naps here and there, but no real rest. Ended up staying up and making some new icons, just for shits and giggles. Yeah, I was that awake for most of the night. Woke up at nine or so, but my head was so migranetastic that any sound or light at all made my head want to crack wide open from the pressure. To try and explain it to those of you not similarly cursed? My laptop was on, and the light "whoosh" of it's small internal fans sounded like a waterfall crashing down on me. Yeah, that's no exaggeration.

So, I lied there till Pocky called up with movie plans. Didn't take the call, but heard from my Mom that "someone called about a movie", so I filled in the rest of the gaps myself. Ended up playing the message on the lowest speaker setting, got the point, and waited to see if I'd be feeling up to going - at least it'd be in a dimly lit theatre, and everyone there would be silently watching the film. I tried to be social, but with my head still pounding I went into the other room, turned out all the lights, and was watching TV on a setting so low my parents couldn't even hear it. And I definitely avoided those two...I bet they probably were speaking normally, but to me it sounded like they were all but screaming. Every time they started a conversation, I found excuses to leave the room.

Obviously, I got none of my chores done today. But tomorrow's Friday, so I can still do it then. (Though I can't pop a sleeping pill tonight like I'd like to, for fears that'd show up on my drug test.) Instead, I rewatched the 2003 Alabama-Tennessee game. Which kind of pissed me off, cause I had to watch Wesley Britt get hurt again. I won't lie and say that we were great friends, but we've spoken on several occasions and he had to been the coolest of all the athletes I met while up there. Besides which, that was also the game where we lost after FIVE overtimes...hurts almost as much now as it did back then.

I eat some supper, watch the first part of the Braves game in a similarly quiet manner, and kill time till the sun went down. Though not "good", I felt well enough to be up for a movie. We went and seen "The Promise", a Chinese action movie similar to "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" or "Hero", though nowhere that good. Still good enough to earn four beers on my patented six-pack scale. The plot was a little weak at points, and while the wire-fu was great some of the CG scenes were somewhat poorly done. Still enjoyed the hell out of it, despite everyone constantly cracking Dynasty Warriors jokes. (I suppose that's my fault, though, cause in the opening credits one character looked almost exactly like Lu Bu in one of his alternate silver uniforms. I cried out "Oh No! IT's LU BU!!" in my best nameless-soldier-about-to-be-evicerated voice, and that just opened the door wide open...)

Movie was good. We all decided to head for IHOP after that. And while I do have to give James credit for his freakishly accurate cop radar (if ANYONE out there hears him suggest that it's time to go, you better be following right behind him when he leaves), there was one MAJOR glitch in his radar tonight. I'm driving along, riding at 55...ten miles over the limit, which is as much as I normally go. I wasn't racing, but my engine did come out of a wrecked '69 Camaro at the Atmore Dragstrip. And it does get me off the line noticably faster than most folks beside me...just driving normally, I instantly hop to 55 while they're all slowly coming to speed, in which time there's a noticable gap between me and them. James sees this, and tries to egg me on from his bike. There's no way I can beat him, seeing how my full-size pickup weighs approximately 400x more than his motorcycle, plus the fact that I'm hauling damn near every tool in existance behind my seat. So he turns to yell at me through my open windows. "Hey big man, you wanna go? Huh?" This is exactly when a police cruiser pulls into the third lane, directly opposite of his bike. From the middle lane, he yells at me again. "You ready to GO?!?" From my position in the furthest of the three lanes, I easily see the officer over his shoulder, laugh, and yell back at him. "Not while that COP is right there." With a smirk, I add, "Well, do YOU wanna go?" He grins and says "HELL YEAH! I'm gonna...holyshitacopNO! Don't go. DON'T GO!" I laugh, and when the light turns green I start to drive off like normal. Fearful that I couldn't hear him over our two very loud vehicles, he's screaming at me in panic. "No! Stop! Don't do it!" I think he even tried to weave his bike in front of me to cut me off and save me from myself, at which point I did slam on the brakes, but it was hillarious. Guess you had to been there.

We all pile into IHOP, and start cracking jokes about anything and everything. No one had their drink orders. Everyone scrambled to pick something when the waitress was there. Me and Pocky decide on Root Beer, cause it was on the menu, and she tries to give us Lemonade instead. People always do that with Coke/Pepsi and Dr.Pepper/Mr.Pibb cause they're basically the same. And sometimes they try to do it with root beer and Dr. Pepper, though those two really aren't. But Lemonade? That joke lasted us two full hours. Plus at least a hundred other, random topics that came so fast and so furious that I can't even hope to remember them all. Though it's good to know that should I ever die before my time, which is entirely likely based on all the stupid stuff I often do, they're gonna shove my soul into a John Deere lawnmower, fill my gas tank with moonshine, and keep me in the shed next to the air compressor. Nothing but the best for me, the Full Redneck Alchemist. (Kind of surprised we didn't get tossed out, as loud and as rowdy as we were becoming...heheh.) I thought I'd make it the whole night without Pocky completely shutting me down with one of his jokes such that I couldn't reply, and I came pretty close. He didn't get me till we were out in the parking lot, but totally dumbfounded me to the point that I could no longer defend myself and just had to say that I'd be in my truck, see y'all later.

(Note to self, though: If a John Deere green Alphonse with a bright yellow alchemy symbol, wearing a Bama hat holding a Coors Light doesn't scream to be iconnified...I don't know what else does.)

Great night. Had more fun than I had in a while, especially at the movie theatres considering all the duds we've seen as of late. Only problem is that I'm WIDE ASS AWAKE at quarter till four in the morning. I don't have a set timetable, but I do have a long list of chores that need to be done, several of which before 4:30-5:00pm when folks close for the week. So I'm going to go lay down, sans sleeping pills, and pretend that I'm about to go to sleep.
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