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Captain Random!

I've been in the weirdest mood(s) today. I've been super-uber happy? Then I'd sink into being all glum and moody and depressed. Then back to cheerful! Then brooding and blah. Then happy! Then dull and gray. And it keeps cycling up and down as constantly as a sine wave. No apparent reasons, either...just on, of, on, off, on, off like a lightswitch rave. 'Cept with my moods. And without the lightswitch, or any other reason to explain things.

And it ain't just me. Seems everyone I come in contact with either starts busting laughing off their ass, side-splitting laughter at damn near everything I say...or they get pissed off at me. Depends on which side of the line I'm on at the time. I dunno. Hell, just since starting this post I've made two complete cycles, up and down and down and back up again. =P

But, enough about me. (Even if this is my damned journal...heh.)

Link of the Day: Ask-a-Ninja. It's like those "Dear Abby" advice columns. Just not completely boring, stupid, and mind-numbingly bad. Who would you rather ask to solve problems for you, a ninja? Or some crusty old hag? Yeah, I thought so.

Just remember these two things. Ninjas pwns pirates. And Ninjas HATE Clooney.

(Imma go build me a more awesome Ninja > Pirate icon now.)
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