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Net's not working?

I've been goin nuts the past two hours thinking that something was wrong with my computer. Haven't been able to log onto any websites for a while, and then I could only get onto certain ones. For example, my WeatherBug program could connect just fine, but my email spam-killa couldn't download my mail. Both work automatically in my tray, so if one works and the other doesn't something's screwy.

I began checking most of the sites I frequently haunt, and actually got to load. This is what's on the main page:

And, by the way, it's currently 2:20AM EST and it looks like about half the internet is down. Some sort of massive Distributed Denial of Service attacks are going on all over the U.S. So if you can't access most of your favorite sites and the ones you can get to work like crap, now you know why. Of course, 8-bit Theater remains unaffected because we are Nuklear Powered.

I'll post more if I can get any other sites up. Otherwise, now that I know that 1) my computer isn't hosed, and 2) I'm not going insane, I might just say "Fuck it" and go to sleep like I shoulda done hours ago. =P
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