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DON'T go watch "An American Haunting"

Last night was pretty good, till me, James, Alan, Pocky and Nichole all went to see this piece of crap. And that's considering that we already missed the first movie of the double-header, and after that a cop had to throw me and James outta the damn theatre entirely. (Funny story, but I'll get into that one later. Short version's that James put this "Billy Badass" wannabe in his place when he started puffing up to look all big and bad for his girlfirend, and he got all pissy but couldn't do anything about it. I was gonna go chase him down and be an asshole till he tried, but James talked me out of going and deliberately picking a fight. The cop seemed to agree, and said to just leave and come back some other time.)

Anyways, I had no clue about that movie. Just heard Pocky say that's what we're all gonna go see, and him and James mentioned briefly about the whole haunted house storyline in the parking lot beforehand. I kind of wanted to see United 93, though I didn't expect it to be a very good movie. American Haunting was the one I was just gonna go see 'cause it was with friends...though hearing that it was based on a true story, the only documented case in America where supernatural forces was listed as killing someone did pique my interest somewhat.

Turns out it's just a movie about an invisible child molestor.

I'm sitting there, watching it, and a witch goes and curses this man and his daughter. The guy's going paranoid, thinking wolves are chasing him, seeing things. Kind of cool, I suppose. Meanwhile, the daughter's in bed, and starts yelling and screaming. I was in denial and assumed she was just being attacked by some spirit or something. Then she starts crying and telling everyone how someone was raping her. Very not cool, but it is a horror movie after all, and rape's one of the most horrible things you could do to a young girl like that. It's awful, but so is torture and mutilation and the other things you occasionally have to sit through in this genre.

Okay, it happened once. I can deal with it, though I didn't especially like it. Second time, you hear screams off-camera, and you could tell what was going on. Thought that'd be it, but no...they gotta go back upstairs and focus the camera on her, screaming and trying to resist. I was halfway tempted to just leave then, but I got my own "tough guy" rep to be mindful of, and started counting the lights on the stairs instead. Didn't want to have to watch that shit. They eventually go to the next day at class, where the girl's working on her multiplication tables. She goes out to recess, and is crying on the playground. Better than watching the actual event, but still hurtful to watch.

Then, it happens again the next night. It would have been enough to talk about how she got raped every night by these evil, invisible spirits or whatever. But nooo, they have to show her bucking and grinding against thin air, her pretending to be getting pounded like a porn star. James usually locks his helmet in my truck so that no one steals it off of his bike while he's off somewhere, and tells me that he needs me to unlock my ride so that he can get it out and leave. I go with him to the parking lot, but cannot think of one good reason why I should go back in there. We came damn close to raising a fuss and demanding our money back, but were both so damn sick by that point we didn't even wanna talk about the damn movie, and just went home instead.

Simply uncalled for.

Rape happens in the real world, though it hurts my heart to think about anyone going through anything like that. Especially when it happens to some school kid like that. And it's happened to many, many of the girls that I've known and been close to over the years. But, it is real and it's as valid a topic to address in a movie as anything else. (Take, for example, the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United 93 movie that was the first movie in the night's double-header.) But it's a matter of handling the topic tastefully. Like in Fushigi Yuugi...the topic of rape comes up there, more than once even. But they show the violence leading up to it and the sorrow afterwards, and skip the actual event. They still use that topic to show how horrible it is, and how badly it hurts the girl afterwards, and to great effect. But they don't sit there and dwell on it! And that's an Anime, where by it's very nature it's going to seem less realistic because it's animated, instead of live-action.

To make things worse, the last thing I was doing before I went to see that garbage was hanging out at MLA, goofing off with Bebe-chan like I normally do. She was hugging on me, I was poking her in the ribs and teasing her, she was showing off all the latest things she was doing on her laptop. James even asked her how old she was right before we left, in reference to something like "Wow, for you're age, you're really good at all this (photoshopping/artwork/website design/whatever)". And then, I'm sitting there, watching someone roughly her age being molested over and over and over and over and over again. The actress looked a little older, but judging by the level of math they were doing in class, the character was probably supposed to be even younger. Makes you think about just how fucking bad shit like that is, and I just wasn't gonna watch that damn movie. Pisses me off already then got my money for that bullshit. James seemed even more pissed off than I was...I was half angry, half upset. He was warning me that if anyone made mention of that movie to him, he'd beat them senseless. Not that I really blame him.

On my patented six-pack scale, I give it a barstool to the back of the head.

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