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+5 Update of Randomness

Got the truck back from the shop. And got more reasons why it deserves to be called "THE Truck". I just pulled it in there to take care of some routine things - nothing was really wrong. Loose hose on the valve going to the left gas tank, the steering column was a little loose, and things like that. So no cracks about having to be in the shop in the first place. =P

My Dad dropped me off in his ride, and after I started talking to Ken the mechanic guy I did something I didn't seriously think I'd ever do - offer to trade keys with someone else. I've been asked that more times than I can possibly remember, but never seriously considered it much less offer to do so myself. But, this was one of the two vehicles I've been lusting after since I've got my permit. A 1978 Silver Anniversary Edition Chevrolet Corvette. A blue one, at that. Didn't have the big block 454, but it had it's hood up and I could tell it had some serious horsepower of it's own. I aksed Ken if he'd let me drive the other one off, and while he did say "no", he also cranked it up and showed it off a bit for me. It made me very happy. In my pants.

But despite my 75% serious offer, the mechanic said no. Actually he said he wouldn't let me do something like that, because it'd be stupid to get rid of a truck like mine. Apparently it's worth some serious money. Besides the race-modified, shaved, bored, cored, big block 454 engine with the 599 camshaft and all, people are apparently buying up trucks like that like crazy, wanting to restore them. Mine's in peak condition, the only other owner having babied it so. And since he special ordered it from the factory back in '79, it's pretty much a one-of-a-kind. So, long story short I got to drool over the car of my dreams, and then drive home the truck of my dreams, which is now running like a New Orleans post-hurricane looter. *grins*
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