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Today is going to be a good day.

My mother picked up a few boxes of Pocky for me at the store today. No real reason except that she randomly noticed it and remembered that I loved 'em. So that was quite awesome.

Then, ironically minutes after idly discussing my desire to perhaps play Polylina and/or Yuna in stcatherinesrpg with players from there, my ADV box arrived containing, among other things, my second copy of Galaxy Fraulein Yuna (or simply Yuna as it's being marketed as now). I lent my other, far more girly copy of the DVD out to one of the Miso peeps...not sure who's got it now. And a small part of me doesn't really care, actually hoping that it's getting passed around from random person to person. But, of course, just as soon as I lend it out I get a serious desire to watch it again. And possibly make an AMV out of it, though likely not for the upcoming contest as everyone'd know immediately that it was mine. And despite having watched it literally dozens of times, I can't quite remember this one quote monologue that I was wanting to quote...

But yes. Tonight is DVD and Pocky night. And you can't stop me.

(Though I'm still depressed that my all-time favorite Anime cost less than the two boxes of Pocky that I'll consume before it is over. Meh. One of these days I'll nag enough people into watching it to at least get it off of the "50 Worst Anime of All Time" list, even if I have to buy $5 Bargain Bin copies and have 'em sent out to all the naysayers myself.)
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