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Sweet Jesus, it just gets WORSE!!!

Northy, if I didn't already know how awesome you were, I'd hate you right now. =P

Why did you have to tell me that Mai-Otome keeps on getting worse and worse? I couldn't help but watch another episode or two, just to see how bad it was. And good Lord, this show was bad enough before the white slavery and the tentacle monsters... *dies*

I think I can safely say that if I see anymore, my eyes will bleed and my soul will rot.

(I am now truly horrified to start watching Kannazuki no Miko seeing that it also has a one-star THEM rating. Every single person I know that's seen it tells me it's a great show and that I'd absolutely love it...but after this trainwreck of an Anime I'm definitely not wanting to be the guy that lightning strikes twice. THEM Anime reviews certainly aren't infallible, but I think I've learned my lesson and had my fill of badness for awhile. Don't want to doubt y'all a second time!) ^_^;;
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