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Digging back into the archives...

Miwa-san reposted this old link discussing the Five Geek Social Fallacies, and since I had all but forgotten about those, I figured I'd do the same. Got a whole batch of new friends who likely ain't seen them yet, and several of whom are victim to one or more of these themselves.

I don't know if I've changed, or "matured" as odd as that sounds coming from me, or if I've always just been an asshole. But very few of these really seem to apply to me, especially to any significant degree. Case in point:

GSF1: The phrase "you might as well go out for the football team" proves that enough for me, as not only was I on the football team, but I was a starter and lettered my Senior year. Seriously though, I'm the smart-alek that's always making fun of folks. Sometimes seriously, sometimes harmlessly ribbing my friends. I don't physically throw unwanted guests from social events, because if everyone else either wants them there or at least tolerates them, it ain't my place. But it's usually not much of a secret when I ain't too fond of somebody, and I'm often throwing insults even when I ain't throwing punches or throwing bums out of our group. At worst, I suppose I suffer very mildly from GSF1 in that I'll tolerate certain people longer than I probably should depending on the group I'm with.

GSF2: "People accept me for what I am?" That's just it...they don't accept me. I'm the outsider. The Maverick. I do what I want, and if they like it then cool. If not, then fuck'em. I don't expect that people will like me no matter what I say or do. That's absurd. And as far as dealing with conflicts go? Once I'm pushed past the line, perhaps drawn a little too far as a result of GSF1 mentioned above, I'm usually pretty direct about it. You fuck with me, that's it.

GSF3: I'll admit that I'm either strongest or weakest in this one area, depending on how you look at it. Once I do make friends with someone, I'll do damn near anything for them. If I ain't loyal then I ain't nothing. I take it to the point that even if Friend A wrongs Friend B, I at least make an honest effort to remain friends with both until one specifically wrongs me as well, or chooses to break off the friendship because I am still loyal to their new enemy. Almost never works out that I remain friends with both, but I at least give it my best shot, and after one proves themselves to be a real asshole it makes the "choice" of which friend to stick with a whole lot easier. (Still waiting on that "great circle of friends" thing, though...heh.)

GSF4: GSF4 is ridiculous. I've never thought that with any seriousness. I know my friends are too opposite. I hang out with geeks, rednecks, businessmen, drunks, Christians, punks, Republicans, liberals, and a little bit of everybody. 'Cause I'm versatile. I know most wouldn't care for the others, and I keep them separate for the most part...worst thing in the world is when two friends get pissed at one another, and both expect you to take their side.

GSF5: Personally, I don't care if it's just me and James hanging out somewhere, or of we end up inviting the whole crew to go somewhere. Or if I'm off doing my thing on my own, for that matter. It is cool to occasionally get everyone together, but it ain't necessary.

(I will gladly admit, however, to being guilty of the YFYP counter-fallacy. Some folks are just their way, and after dealing with them for long enough, you know what to expect from them. Better to be prepared for it beforehand than to walk into the same trap over and over again. If that makes me an asshole, then see if I care.)

Another long and rambling post about nothing, I know. But hopefully that GSF article ends up making sense to the folks that ain't seen it yet. It's damned true as far as I can tell.
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