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Lightning Heart

I'm pathetic. I just bought another copy of Galaxy Fraulein Yuna just because it has different box art. ^_^;

But, it's only five dollars! That's a buck an episode, as opposed to the $20-30 that it used to cost back in the VHS days. *shudders* And now I'll have my copy and be able to use my other one as a loaner. Plus it's cool to see the dark blue and steel grey cover similar to the VHS's instead of the annoyingly pink and fluffy DVD cover they originally released. *shrugs*

Long story short, ADV Films is having a pretty nice sale right now in case any of y'all want to do a little shopping. Just FYI in case anyone out there like cheap Anime. Imma getting Dirty Pair and Mamono Hunter Yohko, plus GFY as previously mentioned. Two box sets for the price of two discs? Yes, please.
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