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Rammer Jammer, bitches...

Last night, my parents call me into the living room to show me something they're obviously excited about.

Turns out that it was something on one of their reality shows. CBS's Amazing Race, seven o'clock Wednesday. You couldn't tell for the most part, because they edited the clips heavily. But they forgot to in one or two scenes, and you could tell that this one girl was wearing a U of A - University of Alabama hat. The editing was superb...when it was cleaned up, it looked just like a plain, white hat. None of that fuzzy crap you see on people's faces in COPS. But in some scenes where only the slightest corner was visible, they didn't bother. Between seeing enough of these corners, and being so intimately familliar with that logo, I could easily tell without a doubt that it was a 'Bama hat. Naturally, this earned a heartfelt "Way to go, whoever-the-hell-you-are, and good luck winning whatever-it-is-you-do!"

Happy to support one of our own, I didn't think anything about this till tonight. CBS's Surviror, seven o'clock Thursday. Same channel. Same time. Same Reality TV game show format. The #1 and #2 shows on that network, if memory serves me.

There's this one girl, whom I do not know nor care about, proudly wearing her Boston Red Sox hat. Usually I would never notice this, but after the previous night's discussion it was blatantly obvious. She wore thing in almost every scene. They had several closeups of her face, which on our big screen, high-def, wide-screen TV made the Boston "B" about the size of my torso. Thinking back to a year or two ago, one of the most infamous Survivor villians was "Boston Rob", so nicknamed for wearing the same article of clothing with the same regularity.

Maybe I'm being overly sensitive. I damn sure know that I'm biased. But riddle me this....WHY is it okay to show your loyalty for the Red Sox pro baseball team, and not your Crimson Pride for the University of Alabama, whether that be a football team, any other NCAA sport (cause little known fact that we kick ass at gymnastics and baseball and other sports as well), or just for the school itself, perhaps a person's alma mater?
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