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Watch AotS Tonight, or I will eat your babies.

For those of you that are cool enough to be on my Friends List but not quite awesome enough to be a Watch Attack of the Show tonight. G4TV. Six o'clock Alabama time. Why? Cause I said so. And because the Man, the Myth, the miwasatoshi is gonna be on there.

Attack of the Show
TONIGHT at 6pm Central
Or else.

In the name of equal opportunity pimpage, I should mention that cirith_ithil was awesome enough to scan and upload the recent Newtype article on her journal for all the non-Misonians who haven't checked it out yet.

A few minor misquotes in the article, though. I can guarantee that nobody there uses the term "Sailor Scout", or at least the Officers that gave the interview. And the line where I'm mentioned makes it sound like the big, dumb ol' redneck discovered that shoujo anime was cool too from going to this club, where I've actually been hardcore into shoujo since Sailor Moon in the mid-90s and a Fushigi Yuugi addict since I first got my grimy paws on a badly dubbed set of VHS tapes in late 1999. But it's still a fair article, and much w00t-age to the Miso peeps for making the news.
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