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Most sane, rational people complain about getting out of the GroundZero parking lot. The whole building is in this deep depression, and it's tough for most cars to climb the near-vertical driveway and still get out onto a very busy Highway 98 before getting plowed into by oncoming traffic.

Today I realized that it works both ways. If you're doing around 55mph and swing into their near-vertical driveway fast enough to beat oncoming traffic, you better make sure you square up and actually hit the driveway. If you cut the corner and aim straight for the parking lot to the side, the drop becomes much steeper and it's surprisingly easy to get airborne. But then again, this was my first time there since leaving for Florida, so I suppose it was fitting to make my presence known Hazzard-style. XD

In other news, I've got another horror story to add to the growing legend about my puppies. We stepped out onto the patio to call them in, and saw a very guilty-looking Bama crunching loudly on something. At first we feared that he actually caught one of the many squirrels that he's fond of chasing, but instead it turned out to be a fox. I suppose there's no doubt who the dominant canine species is in this part of town...heh.
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