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Weekend Update

Satuday night was Miso. And damn, it was even crazier than usual.

First off, lemme back up a week. Everyone was planning for the cosplay contest, and the officers were really pushing folks, wanting everyone to come in costume. They had been talking about it for weeks, and Tiff even held an informal cosplay panel, so that no one would have any excuses not to dress up.

We hung out in the parking lot after last Saturday's meeting like usual, though we moved it to Krystal's because it was damn cold. Talking amongst ourselves, we all kind of had the same idea that none of us really felt like dressing up. Ah well. Over the course of the next hour or two, we talked about a bunch of things. Somehow WWII came up, and then various war-based video games. I'm not big into that genre, but when they were talking about Ghost Recon, I jokingly suggested that we all grab some Nerf guns and enter the contest dressed as bedsheet ghosts. Hey, I've never actually played any of the Ghost Recon games, so I dunno if the costumes were accurate or not... ^_^;

I thought it was a kind of lame joke, one that would only get laughs at three in the morning. Matt and Robby thought it was hillarous, and both suggested that we actually go through with it. James jumped in and used his Army training to plan out who kicks in the door, who shoots who, how we move in formation, and explained how we'd go about taking over the theater. He was so enthusiastic that the police officer in the corner became interested in the conversation, and I suggested that maybe we move the conversation outside. But everyone soon realized how much colder it was out there now, and in an attempt not to freeze to death, I pointed westward and cried, "To Wal-Mart!"

And thus, Operation:Overkill was born.

Our plan slowly unfolded over the next week. As a joke, we all changed our message board avatars to a ghost. Everyone started wondering about it, noticing that several people were running the exact same one. Pocky even asked Matt what was up with "The Boo Conspiracy". As far as I know, he was the only one that knew anything about our raid, and that was only because we had to tell the guy that had the video-camera. *smirks* Though when talking about the forum avatars, TM did say something eerily accurate when she said "Boo is taking over!"

Saturday came, and nothing went according to plan. Not a lot of people showed up, and very few were in costume. The doors were still closed, and the Officers were inside still setting up. And it was raining outside. Lots of last minute changes to the plan. Instead of our well-timed millitary raid, we all rushed through the halls firing at will and basically jumping them. But that was kind of fun, too, since we unloaded a clip on our way to the theater, and then pelted the Officers as we stole the prizes for the costume contest. The only thing that would have been funnier is if afterwards we really did win. Ah well, even though we didn't win, we still took First Prize... XD

The rest of the meeting was a little bizzare as well. During the contest, we "booed" everyone on stage. Not out of meanness...that's just what ghosts do, right? We also continued to pelt passers-by before the shows started, and then again during both intermissions. Many rounds of Nerf ammunition was discharged that night. The strange thing was that, even with our ghostly prank, we weren't the funniest nor the most disruptive thing that happened that night. On the bad side, someone was causing trouble and two or three times there were verbal fights and very nearly a fistfight or two. Also, some unknown asshat pulled the fire alarm (again) and ended the meeting a little prematurely. But! On the plus side, Cameron completely forgot that he had ordered a pizza delivery before he did something so utterly embarassing that I won't even mention it here, as the many pictures that were taken can better tell the story than I could ever hope to.

Today's Joe Cain. But despite my desire to go (as I unfortunately never really "planned" anything), I ended up missing it. I've never actually been to Joe Cain Day, but perhaps I'll make it next year. *shrugs* Thing is, Emily desperately needed some help and was prepared to bribe me with booze or anime or food or whatever else it would take if I'd do some emergency computer work for her. And you know me, I'm always the guy that helps out...that's just what I do.

Turns out though, she needed me to fix a printer for Admiral Jeremiah Denton. Yes, THE Jeremiah Denton. It would be a tremendous honor to meet someone like that, much less get invited over to his home (even if it was to tinker with his computer). It kind of fell through, though, as they found a work-around for that problem. Kind of sucks in a way, but she did offer to get me his autograph...might take her up on the offer and get him to sign a book for my Dad.

Still managed to come in handy, though. I had my laptop and external drive and other gear with me, and they needed to get an AMV lineup for next weekend to Pocky and Nichole before they left for NYC but didn't have time to search and research videos. Coincidentally, I just so happened to have a folder full of 'em on my drive, and they borrowed several of them that I had and they haven't shown as of yet. So things worked out for the best. I think most of the Joe Cain celebrations go on during the daytime though, so I decided not to walk in on half the party. I'll prolly make it to whatever parades are tomorrow night, and I'll damn sure be there for Fat Tuesday. Laissez les bon temps rouler!
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