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Random Memeage

Since so many people wanted to post comments last time when I posted an anti-meme, I thought I'd stick with a more typical online-anime-quiz-thingie this time around.
(Courtesy of the normal channels:)

You're sexy because you're mysterious.

PROS: No one will ever get by with taking
advantage of you, because you're too sharp.
People of the opposite sex will be pawning
over you, because for some reason, mystery is
super sexy.

CONS: You can appear cold and distant to a lot of
people, because you don't want to show them
your true self.

How are you sexy? (anime pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

Sounds real good, I suppose. "Mysterious" works in the movies and the supermarket romance novels all the time, but I can tell ya from personal experience it the whole "cold and distant" thing don't work for shit in Real Life(tm).
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