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Twice is Nice

Sticking to the "crazy hunting story"'ll never guess what I just found in the Sunday paper?

Looks a little ordinary at first glance. But be sure to read the list carefully. Item number three in particular: Hunting Club Membership. And if that wasn't funny enough, keep and retirement benefits are #5 and #6, respectively. After getting a paycheck, the hunting club's real high on the list of priorities. Medical, Dental, 401k? Oh yeah. Sure, we got that kind of stuff too...

All that I ask in return for this little tidbit is that if and when any of you call Brad tomorrow - and knowing how many snarky bastards read my LJ, I'm willing to bet there's at least a few of you who will - reply here with the highlights of the conversation. XD
Tags: misc schnaa, stupid people, wtf mate?

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