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I don't know if there's a tangible point in which one can say that they've "made it", but tonight had to have been close. Someone asked me if I could break a hundred, and without hesitation I said "Sure thing", and started digging through my wallet. It wasn't till I pulled out the bills did I catch myself wondering if I'd even have anywhere near that much, but hey, at least I would have tried. Truth is I was expecting to be way short, but to my surprise I pulled out four twenties, a ten, and two fives and folded the rest up and slid my wallet back into my jeans. I wasn't gonna say anything, but James started ragging me about bein' loaded for the next ten minutes. I don't agree 100%, but on the other hand, that made me remember how I'd usually laugh when folks asked me to break a twenty. And besides, if that's a rumor that ends up making it's way around, I won't complain. Ain't exactly gonna hurt my chances with the ladies none. ::smirk::

Oh, and everyone seemed to die of amazement when I showed up in a KISS army shirt. Makes me wanna go plug in Destroyer and rock myself to sleep. That don't sound like too bad of an idea...
Tags: friends, miso, money, music
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