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Just cashed in the last of my Birthmas presents

In about a week or so, I'll be adding the following titles to my DVD library (which, admittedly, isn't much of a collection without these films):

The Punisher. 'Nuff said. Got the old Dolph Lundgren movie, so now I got the new one as well. Rock!
Resevoir Dogs. Not the ultra-cool $50 Mr. Pink edition, but the same film with the same extras in a different colored box.
Fight Club. Two disc collector's edition of the single most kickass film known to man.
Donnie Darko. Another no brainer. This time it's the Director's Cut...almost makes it a good reason that I'm having to buy another copy of it.

I dare anyone else to squeeze that much bad-assedry out of just one gift certificate. Muchos Gracias, thespacecow!!

[EDIT:] Please note that anyone who has not seen these films will be tied down and forced to watch them, propaganda-style, once they arrive in my mailbox. It's for your own good.
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