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Two or three more funny stories

A few more tidbits that I almost forgot about...

1) After seeing so many limos and sports cars in Florida, I jokingly made the comment, asking "Don't they have laws against folks like us coming to places like this?"

Turns out I was right. My bosses got kicked out of their condo because they drove trucks. No other reason whatsoever. The condo owners beat around the bush forever, before they finally gave in and said that their "vehicles were unsightly". And these were clean, sharp, brand new pickups with fresh paint and plenty of chrome. The other tennants and their Escalades were okay. Nate's truck was okay...when he had the cover down over the bed of his Avalanche. However, the same guy and the same $50,000 truck was not okay and not allowed to park there when the bed was open and a ladder was hanging from the back. They couldn't ban Rednecks outright, but damned if they weren't trying... =P

2) For some reason. I kept getting asked about my accent the entire time. I was with a hundred Texans, but I suppose one Alabama boy sounds different against that backdrop, even when said Texans have plenty of accent their own selves. Every waitress and every cashier in Florida asked where I was from. It never failed. And I'd say "Mobile, Alabama" about as loud and proud as I could. This was often followed with a "Roll Tide" just for good measure. After a while, and after so many people hearing it over and over, they began answering for me. One person made the comment about Forrest Gump, when he told Jenny that she should go back home? After that, every time another waitress or another random person would ask me the same question, in unison a dozen of my coworkers all shouted "Mobile, ALABAMA!" just as loud and as proud as they could, and in as close a manner to the Forrest Gump scene as they could manage. It was quite amusing. XD

3) Last one, I swear. I almost forgot to mention that I drank so many Coors at this one bar I frequented that they plumb run out. It was one of those times where the usual gang showed up, plus a few of the adjusters that we were friends with, plus some of the others that we weren't friends with, plus some people that we didn't know, plus a couple of assholes that we were activelt trying to avoid. You know how folks like that can sometimes tag along...

Anyways, the waitress comes out and gives one guy his Bud Light, another guy his MGD, and so on and so on, and then....THUMP! Sets down a tub full of Coors Light and limes. The group begins to ask themselves how many people were drinking that night, and then began to match beers with people. Finally, seeing that everyone else was already drinking something, they all (almost in unison) started asking who the hell was ordering beers an entire tub at the time! And then, almost in unison, everyone turned and looked at me. ::smirk::

Later on, the waitress asked what I was switching to. I didn't catch her, but she repeated that I'd have to switch after the next beer. To what, my left hand? She explained that after so many days of me coming to the same place and ordering the same thing every time, she was completely and totally out of Coors Light and would be till the truck showed up the next afternoon to resupply. Luckily my boss wasn't there that night, but when he heard about it the next morning? "Nope. You're fired. Pack your bags and get out." I tried so say something, but he just grunted and shook his head and pointed towards the door. (Lucky for the that the beer truck came that very afternoon with fresh supplies, or I might have come home even sooner than I did!)
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