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The Simple Things in Life

I love, love, LOVE unsubscribing from AOL.

Not only do I feel the cleansing waves of purity rushing over me now that I've purged yet another system from AOL's vile corruption, but I've done this so many countless times that I know exactly what the guy is going to say and exactly when he's going to say it. So my eeevil side takes much joy in listening to his prerehearsed bullshit and mocking him the entire way, giving him snarky responses each of his questions. I can almost see this guy squirming in his seat, trying to politely and professionally deal with me while still somehow hoping he'll talk me into keeping my ubscription another month or three.

God, if only I had recorded this convo so I could post it here. Tonight's was perhaps the best EVAR!
Tags: aol, computers, i'm an evil bastard
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