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Just in case you haven't gotten the memo yet. Big wheels kept on turnin', carried me home to see my kin. And, though yesterday was kinda rough, it's still damn good to be back in Sweet Home Alabama.

It was very good to see some of my friends again. Got some humorous reactions from Kellie, TM, and teh Roberto when I snuck in unannounced. Watched Spank II and Emily's SM/FY video on the big screen, both of which were awesome. Went to Denny's with Em, Mo, Juan, and James later that night, and even later still killed an entire bottle of Quervo after the club had ended. I knew me and Battle and Juan-san were gonna make short work of it, but the ladies proved their uberness as well. Didn't expect Kellie to partake at all, and damn sure didn't expect Emily to take down nearly as much tequilla as the rest of us. (+100 awesomeness points for that one!)

Though today I confirmed one more thing about how shitty yesterday was - damned cell phone is officially DOA. Won't hold a charge, and since the Sidekick II has an internal battery, the entire unit will have to be replaced. Warranty's up, though, so I'll either have to shell out the cash for new hardware, or look for a good deal on a new plan with a new company. Long story short, don't bother callin' cause I can't answer. If you got my house number, try that instead for the time being.
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