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Back to the Labs

Got to go print out my notes to study tonight, and print out this paper that I just got through writing. I'll probably give it a rewrite while I'm waiting, but I'll have time. Since other Universities have been blatantly stealing lectures from our class websites, some of the teachers have been putting the slides on Adobe Acrobat presentations instead. While this doesn't stop the theft, it at least keeps them from being able to put their name and logo on it and claiming that they are their own - now, they have to sit down and type out each slide, word for word. ::smiles:: Bad thing is, though, that the printer can only spool one page at a time, so it takes about ten minutes to process each print request. I might hop on AIM Express while I'm there, once I'm satisfied with my paper that is. Hopefully I'll be able to make it back in time for Justice League. Oh well, better get goin'.

P.S. Laura, if you're reading this, I love you. ^_^
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