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Feel the fire of a brand new age

Man, I hope that's the last time I leave a party because folks were about to start a Texas Hold'Em tourney. =P

New Year's Eve was all right, I suppose. Work was slow and boring, and not worth mentioning other than I could faintly overhear my two managers discussing something and mentioned me by name. Don't know if this is really good or really bad, but they picked me out for something. ::shrugs::

Afterwards, I blew off invites from the office folks and got ready for a house party in Stuart. I dressed in my normal house party gear: a random T-shirt (Jack Daniels), some cargoes, my skull head wristband and my Alabama hat. Then, instead of a bachelor pad, I pull into this huge-ass house with HD plasma screens in every room, wine racks, several fully-stocked bars, and damn near anything else you could imagine. There was even an outdoor bar complete with sound system and two more HDTV's. The folks there were all dressed up like it was some kinda cocktail party or something...I only think one or two other people were wearing T-shirts besides myself. Kind of wasn't expecting that... ^_^;

Unlike last time, I didn't really seem to fit in all that well. Especially after the cops came and the party moved indoors - at the bar, I was at least kind of mixed in with the group, whereas once we were inside, random people grouped together in various rooms and I was kind of the odd man out. Ah well. I still could have shot pool all night, but they wanted to use the table to play Hold'Em. Me, Lauren, and Sam the bartender/co-host played a few rounds earlier with imaginary chips, and I cleaned his clock. I got him down to $20 and then kept folding so that I wouldn't be the one to put him out, especially after he was explaining how there's never "no hard feelings" in poker, even amongst friends. Damn it was hard to lay down Big Slick pre-flop, too. But later on, Bill the other co-host was trying his damndest to rally folks up for a huge cash tournement, even offering to loan people money to get started. The reception was lukewarm at best. And knowing that I could bust out even the eager players, I decided it might be best to move along. I was already the guy that no one knew, and if I cleaned them out of their week's paychecks and then rode off into the moonlight? Might not have been too popular after that. ::shrugs:: I stuck around long enough to watch the Lich King drop the ball, a useless tradition that completely baffles me, but not long enough to start sipping champagne or wear silly hats. Kind of awkward, but it was still fun.

Still haven't come up with any resolutions though. Might do that tomorrow. Also need to do some more mundane crap like make a Wal-Mart run, gas up the truck, do laundry, and what have you. And I do need to find some restaraunt that serves a meal at least somewhat close to black-eyed peas, cabbage, pork chops and cornbread. No special holiday plans here - for the most part I'll prolly be at the pool hall as usual.

Hope y'all are having a great start to the new year, and may 2006 kick supreme ass for each and every one of ya.
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