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I am just a wanderer. I have no time nor place...

Okay. Time for a real update this time.

Let's see...has anything been going on lately that's worth mentioning? Kinda-sorta, but it's brief enough to make into bullets. So here ya go:

  • Ralph's funeral was earlier this week. He was a really well-loved guy, so at least we knew that he'd have tons and tons of people there for him to show their respect. Heh. Turns out the paper never ran his obit and next to nobody even showed up. Nothing major in comparison to what all has happened previously, but dammit if this guy can't catch a break even after he's gone. I'm too afraid to say that "at least now it can't get any worse", cause every time I've said that so far I've been proven so very wrong.
  • Work is stressful but easy. I can do this with my eyes closed. And after certain nights of drinking, I pretty much had do. =P
  • Oustide of the job, I'm gettling along okay with my teammates. I think I intimidate folks, though. Not doing anything different than in Mobile, but these folks don't really know me. They just see a guy pull into the parking lot listening to hard rock and wearing dark sunglasses. I don't say much, and when I do it's usually something sarcastic. And it didn't help things that, when I first came down here, I had the knuckles on my left hand bandaged up. Feels good to get a little bit of respect, though.
  • Told my boss one time that I didn't need the money that bad, and threatened to throw him through a plate-glass window and over a balcony. Don't even recall exactly why I made that threat, but it was amusing. Guess that might have had something to do with it, too...heh. ^_^;
  • Speaking of which, outside of just being intimidating, I'm getting a serious biker rep here too. I start chatting with folks, and it seems that all the really damn cool people also are serious riders. So it's turning into one of those questions like whether the chicken or the egg came first. Another funny coincidence is that every time I recommend a bar to friends, they accidentally show up on Bike Night and think it's a biker-exclusive place.
  • Talkin' bout bars, I got kicked out of one a week or two ago. Some twerp comes and picks a fight with me. I finally get up and he backs down after seeing how serious I was. I never touched him, but I gave him a verbal lashing up one side and down the other. I was on a roll, and when I heard someone off to my side suggest that maybe I should keep it down or head outside, I continued on and exclaimed "Like HELL I'm goin' outside!" Then I turned around. Turns out I was wrong. =P
  • I got two long scratches down about half of one of my forearms. They aren't deep, but they look ugly as hell and there in a spot where I can't really hide them. I got no clue where they came from, so I'll take a random stab at it and say that they're prolly from that same night somehow or another.
  • Ain't done a whole lot after work outside of the occasional bar-hopping or pool-shooting. At first, I was working twelve to thirteen hour shifts and then spending two and a half hours a day on the road. Now I'm on a more normal schedule, but I'm so damn drained that I haven't felt up to doing much. At least this exhaustion/borderline sickness hit over the holidays where my schedule was already reduced. And I'm likely going to be transferred back to Palm Beach soon, so that should free up several hours a day to go crazygonuts down here.
  • I'm so worn out and bored simultaneously that I went out and bought WoW to kill that hour and a half of free time I occasionally get at night. Doubt I'll keep it up the way that I did with Asheron's Call, but it makes for a decent distraction.
  • You wouldn't believe the women here. I mean it - you seriously would not believe the kinds of girls out and about on the streets of Fort Lauderdale. See, there's a reason that we head to the beach on our lunch breaks and eat on some outdoor patio or balcony.
  • No time for love, but I did manage to get one girl's number. That and just enough physical contact to prove that I'm not gay, but not much more than that. Wouldn't have worked anyway. Turns out she's a stripper and she has a kid. Ah well.
  • It sucks not being with family over the holidays. I love this time of year, and Christmas in particular. It's my single most favorite day of the year next to the Iron Bowl itself. I want to hit the malls and buy presents for everyone I know. I want to decorate the tree and watch children's Christmas specials on TV. I want to cook up a batch of my world famous Sugar Nuts....don't ask. I didn't come up with the name, just the recipe. Point is that I won't get to do any of that this year. I won't see anyone at all for Christmas, and am reduced to impersonally grabbing a few items off of a webpage, having them giftwrapped, and then sent back to Mobile. Bah, humbug.
  • I usually don't care much about Thanksgiving. It's not to big to my family - mainly just an ordeal to have to put up with various branches of the family who hate our guts. Betcha never could have guessed that we were the black sheep, huh? ::chuckles:: My plans were to just whip up some turkey pot-pies instead of the normal chicken ones, but Lauren's hometown was about 30min north of here. She invited me up, and that was so damn cool. It was great to get out of the room and actually see a familiar face. Hell, it was nice just to have a meal that didn't come in a brown paper sack. I had a blast just goofing off and hanging out, though I didn't have anything at all to say to the friends-of-friends she tried to introduce me to. In a small town, the vast majority of the discussion was about who married and/or impregnated who, so I couldn't really say much as I knew as little about those folks as the ones that were currently in the room with me. I just hope I didn't seem too big of an asshat for being so antisocial.
  • I really wish I had a grilled cheese sammich right now. Don't ask me why - just kinda popped in my head just now.
  • I'm rambling now. So I'm gonna stop typing unimportant sentences like this one that don't really say a damned thing but still take up valuable space on your screen.
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