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Embrace the Universe like a blazing star

I'm a moron.

In my off time, I haven't had the energy to do much more than watch Anime. This week's drug of choice was my never-opened Neon Genesis Evangelion boxed set that I bought last Christmas with some extra money that I was given.

I've been telling folks that I've never seen that show, despite it being one of the most popular, most well-known titles in existance. Turns out that I was wrong. I watched some badly dubbed fansubs of this show ages and ages and ages ago. I didn't care much for the two main characters, so I think I gave up on it after the first handful of episodes. Wasn't till the very end of Disc 3 - where Asuka shows up - that I saw something that I didn't remember. How I forgot this is beyond me, as Eva is the most widely used fodder for AMV's next to Sailor Moon and DBZ.

Asuka and Misato still pwn, though.

Also, the router's back up and I now have Intarweb connection. Weak signal, but I'm back online. Too bad I gotta pack. I might be back on later, assuming I actually get off my lazy ass and get my luggage down to the truck. -_-;
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