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One Week

So far, we've had one fatality and one felony. Other than that, it's been a slow week. The rest of the crew split up and began driving south today at lunch. Hopefully we'll have some rooms confirmed by the time they get there. Myself and TaMarra Moorning (heh) are staying behind to clean up the last of the tech problems at Lake Mary. I should be leaving for the coast this weekend. Once there, I'll be swamped from seven till seven, seven days a week. Good times.

At least the work is simple. Wasn't till today that we saw what I would call our first "real" problem. Someone's laptop wouldn't start up - a simple task for a Level I technician. But the tech that handled that call kinda got chewed out for working on it. "We ain't a computer shop," the bossman said. Kind of a shock to me - I thought we were tech support in general, doing whatever it took to get these adjusters up and running and back in the field. Apparently we just install this one program and provide very basic troubleshooting. After some typical watercooler conversation, I was told by a coworker that this is nothing anywhere nearly as complicated as the kind of computer work that I had been doing up until now; I had no idea that they were as right as they apparently are.

Talked to Juan for a few minutes last night, though I was kinda drugged up at the time. Another last-minute request to move some boxes before we left for the day....ugh. Didn't talk long, but he's only five minutes away from where I'll hopefully be living once I can make hotel reservations. It sucks being so far away from Sweet Home Alabama, but it'll be damn good to see a familliar face.

Time for Quervo now. Bye.
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