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And with the power of conviction, there is no sacrifice

It's Friday. But for perhaps the first time in my entire life, that doesn't mean shit. Gotta go to work tomorrow, just as if it were a normal business day. Of course, since I'm getting the equivalent of a week's pay every day I show up, given the choice I wouldn't miss work anyways...but it's still a little odd thinking about these seven-day work weeks. =P

And I didn't even think about the biggest problem till tonight. Tomorrow is Saturday. Gameday. So aside from the 7:30 night games, I'm gonna miss the Tide! ::dies::

Ah well. We'll tear through Miss State and Utah. But I am gonna be pissed if I miss either of the Tigers games. ::grumbles::

I do, however, have to do something to keep my sense of time. So, I hereby dub Fridays as "drink lots and lots of margaritas" night, even if I do still gotta get up at six in the mornin'. Three cheers for finding out about 2-for-1 margarita specials! ::smirk::

Reckon there ain't much of anything else to post about. Now that my wireless connection's back up, I'm going to go back to downloading AMV's. Lost 'em all with that last computer crash, so now I gotta d/l all of my old faves and maybe a handful of new ones that sound interesting. And looking back at what I've downloaded so far, it may be a good thing that I never won that Miso AMV least, unless you'd wanna see Pat Benetar or chibi-goddesses rocking out to Daft Punk. Heh.

One good thing about that is me getting to watch the "This is your Life" Dragonball AMV. Definitely one of my faves. Funny thing is that, despite how Fight Club is one of my all-time fave movies, I haven't watched it in far too long. That's one of the few films that really makes you think. And I think that watching that was good for me, cause listening to the Tyler Durdon speech kinda helped get me focused back in on what's really important. Helped me to see past the stupid things that have been gnawing away at my sanity as of late.

Gonna wrap this up now. Taking a Loritab 10 to try and recover from overworking this afternoon. See y'all tomorrow night.
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