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Break on through, to the other side

You will never see a more beautiful day than immediately after a hurricane. Of course, most people can't appreciate that. For good reason - normally, you've just been through a major disaster and are miserable sitting in a hot, wet, damaged home. But if you're lucky enough to be caught just on the edge, close enough to be affected by it as much as possible without being too close and sustaining any damage, the weather will as perfect as you could possibly imagine on the other side. All the humidity and every cloud in the sky is completely blown away, leaving the skies blue and the air crisp and clear.

I've also discovered that you'll never make as many friends as when you're labeled as "the tech guy" in front of a large crowd. I had already been chatting with various folks, and when I mentioned that I was Tech Support, they all wanted to be my best friend...just in case their system went down and they needed somebody. One fellow followed me around for a while unintentionally. We were simply going from one room to another, both leaving and arriving at the same time. He joked around about how he wasn't letting me out of his sight. ::chuckles:: There was much discussion over where which groups were supposed to gather, resulting in several of these wasted trips shuffling between rooms while the piles eventually sorted themselves out. Each staff member would send the group somewhere else just as soon as they settled in at that particular room. At the end of the process, the question was asked if ever person there was a claims adjuster. I raised my hand, but he didn't see it. My "stalker" buddy shouted out real quick to make sure the trainer noticed, as he was already turning around. So I raised my hand again....except this time, I happened to raise my right arm instead of my left. And my right arm was fiddling with my Dangerphone, so I inadvertently hoisted my uber-l33t tech high into the air for all to see. Naturally, he asked what job function I would be doing as he turned to face me. I replied, and when the crowd heard those two words they all began grinning as the entire room shifted to get a good look at me.

You ever hear that Jimmy Buffett song "Fins"? That's about how I felt. I was the one piece of bait in a room full of toothy sharks grinning at me. ^_^;

It was all fine and good though. After another boring day of policy lectures, we all sat idly by in the main room. The insurance folks were waiting to be called up and handed their list of clients...nothing major, but nothing to do either. I was kicked back in a rather nice reclining office chair. One person came up to me, as respectful and polite as I've ever seen, formally asking me if I'd take a look at his laptop. I said sure - wasn't doing anything anyway. The person a row behind me added in that he wanted me to look at his next too, if I didn't mind. Before I knew it, I had a line stretched out halfway along the wall, all with people wanting to see me and seek my sage advice. I had no tools or even an internet connection, but almost all of the problems were things that a simple Windows configuration could fix. The rest were virus/spyware issues, in which case I whipped out my flash drive, loaded up all my saved programs, and fixed them right up. Each person only took five minutes at most, which in their eyes made me look like the Great and Powerful Oz.

So far, things are pretty good here. But then again, I haven't really started doing any "work" as of yet. Can't complain long as they're paying the bills, I don't mind kicking back and playing FFVI on my lappy. ::smirks::
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