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Here I am, Rock you like a Hurricane

Yesterday was spent exploring my new surroundings. Didn't take long to find everything from the fitness center to the liquor store. Both of which I hoped to frequent. ::chuckles:: Also, I checked out of the Roach Motel and managed to sweettalk the senorita at their competitiors just down the street into letting me stay in their deluxe business-class room for roughly the same price. Rock. I unpacked my clothes, hooked up my PS2, set up my wireless connection, and watched some Anime just because I could. That and got a much needed shower and ten hours of sleep.

Today I awoke to pitch black darkness. Not sure if it was due to the absurdly early hour, or the freaking HURRICANE that was blowing just outside my hotel room window. The weather wasn't good, but I managed to get to the office in no time at all. Between not knowing exactly where to clock in at and not knowing how bad the storm was going too be, as well as my own penchant for being a few minutes early, I accidentally ended up arriving a full hour ahead of schedule. I got into the building (thankfully), but the people I needed to speak with didn't show up for a good 30-45 minutes. They showed up. I filled out paperwork. Boring. That's when they informed me that they didn't exactly know where I was supposed to go or what I was supposed to be doing. The assistant was teaching me data entry on their systems while the manager made a few calls. Eventually I was sent to a different building. This guy would know where to assign me....but if he didn't need me, these people really wanted me there. Okay, whatever. Just another trip across town in the hurricane. ::shrugs:: The storm itself wasn't too bad here - mainly just a lot of cold wind and rain - but it's the whole principle of the thing.

I make it to the next office complex and meed the head guy there. Turns out that this is the head guy over everything. I thought I would be working under him, but he sent me up to orientation while he waited for the sun to come up so that he could make a few calls. That was to be expected, as the people from the Mobile HR office told me that all of my questions would be answered at the orientation. They didn't tell me, however, that I would be the only IT guy in a room full of claims adjustors. I spent twelve hours sitting in a crowded room learning the difference between different forms, different types of insurance policies, and so on. I could not possibly be more bored. On the plus side though, I know enough now that I could start writing checks tomorrow if I really wanted to. I pick things up real quick like that. Though by what I hear, I think I'd much rather work on computers than try to do their jobs. ::sweatdrop::

After lunch, I went up to the trainer and told him that even though this may be the single stupidest question that he hears the entire time, but I had to know if I was the only person there that wasn't a claims adjustor. Almost everyone else there had taken a two week seminar in Dallas, and then spent two more weeks getting on-the-job training in New Orleans. There was a handful of other people in there, but all of which held other insurance-related jobs. I was taken downstairs to meet yet another person...this time, someone who knew where I was supposed to go and what I was going to be doing. The problem, he said, was that nobody knew that I was coming. Well, not exactly. They didn't realize that they had access to me and my skills. But they were absolutely thrilled that I was there. They were in sheer delight that I had come down and would be their new tech support guy. Heh. Made me feel like an even bigger badass than I normally am. ::smirks::

Then, I sat through more of Boring And Useless Insurance Codes 101. Bah.

But I made, like, a couple of hundred bucks for ab-so-fucking-lutely nothing. ^_^v

The only real downside is that I'll be moving again in a few days. Goin' further south. Dunno where yet, as it all depends on which areas were damaged the most by Wilma. Normally I wouldn't mind moving too much, but I know it's going to be hell trying to find a hotel room at all with so many displaced families. And if I do find one, it'll likely be two or three times as expensive as the one I'm currently at, and likely nowhere near the quality. Plus there's the whole hassle of repacking everything after finally settling in and building my nest the way that I like it. Ah well. Easy come, easy go I suppose. ::shrugs::
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