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"I must be travelling on now...there's too many places I've got to see..."

What a weekend.

Let's see here...first of all, I moved to Orlando. Yeah. Quit my old job cause things just weren't working out. Great people, and we left on good terms, but I spent way too much time and effort and money to sit arounf being a secretary, burning CDs, or at best cleaning up spyware. Ugh. This new position I took is a temporary one, but even at that it's expected to last at least a year. And for six figures, it could very well be one of the biggest blessings of my life. Not only would I be completely out of debt by the end of the year, but I'll be in fantastic shape when I do roll back into Mobile.

Bad news was that I *had* to be in Florida before Wilma hit. Monday was the absolute latest I could push it off to. Which is bad, because that leaves Odyssey with absolutely no technicians next week. Also rough because my folks are still upset about my uncle...kind of strange, but when you think about it there's still plenty of unpleasantness left. Finding and IDing the body, or what's left of it by this point. Planning the funeral. All the paperwork of wills and insurance and outstanding debts and everything else. I can't do much, but I want to be there for my family. And with this job, I may be working 7-12's nonstop and be unable to make it back home for holidays or funerals or anything else that may pop up.

Also bad timing for my friends. I didn't even get to tell most of them goodbye. I'm not much for goodbyes anyway, and was even thinking of just ducking out of town ninja-style so that I wouldn't make it harder for everyone. Though to be honest, it would be hardest on me so I suppose that was a selfish decision. Glad that James called me on that, and talked me into swinging by Em and Mo's one last time to wish everyone well. They weren't able to make it, but I did see Kellie and TM and Robbie. James even made it, despite wrecking his bike an hour earlier. In retrospect, I'm glad I got to see them one last time. Though it's absolutely killing me to listen to Nickleback's "Photograph" on the radio. Kellie was playing that before I left, and now whenever I hear it I think about all the friends I left behind. Which, of course, is every ten minutes. Stupid radio stations, overplaying such a depressing-ass song. =P

The drive over was okay. I ended up in a freaking roach motel though. Lots of unsavory characters hanging about. That wasn't a problem - no one that I couldn't take in a fight. The lock on my door was broken - sometimes it would lock me out and not respond to my keycard, and other times it would not lock at all. That wasn't as cool, cause I don't want anyone messing with my lappy while I'm off at work. The icebox/microwave combo unit was broken. None of the power outlets worked. The room smelled kinda...funny. But when I found out that they didn't have broadband connections in the rooms? Buh-bye. I stayed there one night and left the next morning for a hotel across the street. I talked them down to a rate that was only ten bucks more than the crackhouse I was scheduled to stay in, and it's clean and everything actually works. So that's good.

I remember that a few people had called me last night. I was so out of it that I can't even remembered what all I said. So sorry about that...I'll give out my hotel phone number and address to those interested so we can stay in contact.

Reckon that's about it for now. Stuff is unpacked, electronics are hooked up, and except for a few minor problems with a flaky wireless internet connection, things are pretty much good to go. I'm not yet convinced that I'll be happy here, but if I have to put up with being miserable for the next twelve months in exchange for things being so much easier for the years to come? A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

Now I just gotta get ready for work tomorrow (which will not be called off due to inclement weather).

Damn, I miss my family and my friends and my big-ass dogs.
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