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Dream a Dream...

Had some really bizzare dreams as of late. Well, just the fact that I'm dreaming to begin with is quite odd. Didn't have the first one till my college days, and even then only one or two a year. This past year, though, I'm having like two or three a month, plus the feeling that I was dreaming something that I can no longer remember at least once or twice a week.

(And yes, I'm well aware that normal people dream every night whether they realize it or not. But I also know that no one has ever called my mental state "normal"....heh)

I think my favorite one was the one where my dog, Bama, was 80 stories tall and ended up eating Mobile. Not out of meanness, but he was laying there in the middle of the Bay, looking around. He trotted around, picked up one of the tallest buildings and toted it around like a stick. Gnawed on it for a while, and then got bored and moved on to something else. Pretty much his normal mannerisms, except for the magnitude of it all. XD

The most vivid one was last night, though. I dreamed that I had two weeks of paid vacation time that I absolutely had to take before the end of the year or else I'd lose it. So I went on a trip along I-10, stopping off to hang out with the various folks out there that I know mainly from here on LiveJournal. All of them really awesome people that I unfortunately almost never get to talk to, so maybe that's why I dreamed it.

First off, I rode out to New Orleans and hit Burbon Street with vestan_san. And I'm happy to report that the Big Easy was as big and as beautiful and utterly awesome as I could have imagined. Dunno if it had been rebuilt bigger and better, or if Katrina never hit it to begin with, but it was still a nice thought. Next stop was Port Arthur, where I picked up two pals of mine from the Phenol plant down there. The three of us rode out to Beaumont and ate supper at the steakhouse there by the Walmart and Lowes and such. Port Arthur, unlike New Orleans, wasn't spectacular - just a little corner of the world with the chemical plants and not much - but at least it had not been Ritafied just yet. So that was cool.

Caught an Astros game and a rock concert with nsight7 and some of his friends, though I have no idea who it was playing. And I suppose the game was a little odd, cause you're nowhere near Houston are you? Ah well, it is a dream after all - ain't gotta make perfect sense. Don't have a clue what we ended up doing, but I swung by and met wolfsamurai as well while heading westward. Think we just goofed off without really going anywhere or doing anything. Seems that was more and more the case the further west I travelled. Finally, I pulled into Arizona and stumbled across T.H.E.M. HQ and spent a few days with miwasatoshi and inagawayuu. Met a bunch of THEMers, some from online and some that I hadn't heard of before, but they were all fucking awesome folks.

And to top it all off, I was on the back of a decked-out Honda VTX cruiser the whole damn time. Kicked more ass than I can fit into a single sentance. And instead of wearing plain black leathers or wearing someone's colors, I had my own damn colors. My vest had this design on the back that looked kind of like flames, and kind of like red and white wings spreading out. Almost kind of tribal. Can't beat that at all.

Dunno what it means if anything. Don't particularly care. It was a good dream, and I thought I'd at least post it here so that those parties involved would get a kick out of it. =P
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