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Gangs of New Orleans

Heard more info about NOLA. If I'm mistaken, please for the love of God tell me that these are just more rumors.

Heard at first that prisoners were drowning like rats in their cells. When the guards tried to evacuate them, they took hostages. They all eventually escaped.

And between criminals like that and looters gone wild, they've not only armed themselves but are now have formed their own gangs and are walking around the city unapposed. The National Guard is busy passing out ice. The police are helping search for bodies. I know that they were pretty much letting the looters have their way since finding injured people and relocating the homeless is a higher priority. But I've been hearing now about these armed gangs are pillaging the town like a barbarian horde. And as if things couldn't get any worse, they're going to shelters and raping the women, knowing that they can't be stopped.

My feebile mind cannot even comprehend a human being doing that to anyone, much less a starving refugee that has already just lost everything.
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