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Firstly, posting from a cell phone - even one as awesome as my Dangerphone - really sucks. So forgive me if I've been brief. On the lappy now, so I have time for a slightly longer report from the field...still gotta keep my eye on my battery though, cause I only get to charge it when I'm called into the office.

Still no power. No anything, really. Some repors say that we'll be dark until the end of September, though I believe we'll be back online by sometime next week. Eating the last of the meat before it goes bad. Maybe even a little later. Out of meat now, so eating MREs and peanut butter. Only water to drink is what was once ice, frozen before the storm hit. Tapwater is contaminated. Very lucky that Dad is an electrician. Everyone is using and abusing him, expecting him to hook up their fancy new generators for them. One guy, however, had his power come on after he got Dad to go out there but before he actually arrived, so he's lending us his. Only enough for a fan, a light, and the portable TV, but still damn good.

Stood in line for five hours for ice, water, and MREs. Distribution centers are running out of supplies just as soon as they open. FEMA has placed quadruple the order for supplies after seeing the day one turnout. People are going crazy from waiting that long and then sometimes being turned away due to lack of supplies. People are getting into fistfights, or sometimes running other people over/slamming their trucks into other people's vehicles. One person I know even heard semi-automatic gunfire from her clue what that was about, but at last check they are all safe.

Things are crazy downtown - I hear much of it is underwater, but I can't confirm. Not enough gas to waste on anything except work and supplies. Most of what I've seen are downed trees, broken buildings, and lots of power/phone outages. There's power at work, though, so they're asking me to come in. Even though everyone else is at home, and I'm the only one going out to these customer sites as they get their power flipped on. Mostly places near hospitals so far, as they were the first grids to get lit.

Lot of damage here. Power lines ripped off of the trailer. Half of the roof is gone. All of the koi in the pond are dead. They were small when we first got them, but three years later they are now massive. Would easily be $250 a pop to buy them already that large. Part of our fence is torn down. And there are so many downed trees that it's hard to see grass in most of the yard. It's hurtful to see so many beautiful trees destroyed, and annoying to tbink about how many weeks we'll be working to clean this place up. But at least that's all we have to be worried about.

I hear it's awful on nearby Dauphin Island. My family always goes down there on weekends. I was trying to tell Mom about the damage. I said "One out of every ten houses..." and then was interrupted by her astonishment that so many houses were destroyed. It was hard having to correct her, teling her that that was the number of houses that are still there. Also, an offshore oil rig from 65+ miles in the water was broken apart and landed on what's left of the beach there.

And this is two states away from where the eye hit. True, the east side is always the worst. And true, the eye clipped New Orleans and made landfall again somewhere along the Mississippi coast. If anyting we're lucky that things are as good as they are. Our biggest problems are having to not only support all the victims from here in Mobile, but the refugees from Mississippi and Louisianna as we're pretty much the first inhabitable city along I-10.

From what I hear, it's hell the further west you drive. Already no gas for a hundred miles around. Biloxi is gone. All those multimillion dollar casinos are destroyed. I heard some even got picked up and tossed down the street or across the river. Beauvoir, the OMG-beautiful antibellum Jefferson Davis house, is a irreplacable pile of splinters. Refrigerated beer trucks have been dubbed "mobile mourges" and are picking up dead bodies like common garbage. And that's still better than New Orleans. They are having such trouble evacuating living people and searching for survivors that that they're either chaining dead bodies to stop signs or just leaving them on the side of the road. My uncle's body is one of those, and we don't know when we'll be able to have it sent back home for a proper burial. Hopefully it's soon enough that we can still have an open casket.

And as disrespectful as that is for our dead, the living are even worse off. Not only have the lucky ones only lost everything they've ever owned, but they are being sent on a forced exodus from New Orleans to Houston. It's pretty bad when you have to evac the last-chance emergency shelter. And it's even worse when you're trying to airlift the people out of there and to the busses, but you're being fucking SHOT AT the whole time. Across town, snipers are shooting at victims as they're being carted out of the hospitals and transported to nearby cities. And the looters are still looting. And the water is still rising...

That's all I've heard so far. Still a little in the dark (pardon the pun), though I'm finally able to hear the local newscast and occasionally see some images online. Not much else I can say except "damn". I gots an opinion on damn near everything, and even I'm speechless.
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