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Today in the news...

Alabama's "Million Dollar" Band recieved the top national honor for collegiate marching bands. Looks like we're the best both on and off the gridiron. It's good to see the band win a national trophy, considering the ball team's still on probation for another year. ^_^

DNA Evidence clears 41-year old rape suspect who hanged himself in jail cell. What the fuck? The guy is bipolar (manic depressive), gets thrown in jail for a horrible crime that he didn't even commit, the authorities don't even tell his family that he's been arrested. Since the guy is already suffering from depression, he hangs himself with his T-shirt right there in the jail cell. Now, they finally find out he was innocent, and the DNA they took from him doesn't match the semen they found on the victim. That's just sad. I'm all for harsh punishments for people who commit crimes, but at least make sure you got the right guy before you ruin his life, and those of all his grieving family members.

INS: More than 300,000 illegal immigrants ordered to deported remain in United States. Yeah, and how much do ya wanna bet that the bastard that almost killed me back in '97 is one of em? =P

That's it for today. Congrats again to the University of Alabama marching band! ^_^
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