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I am Sir Phobos! Knight of Mars! Beater of Ass!

Guess who just got home from work?


And this isn't even the about-to-go-to-bed "just got home". Not the kind where I'm just getting out of the shower, lounging around in my boxers and holding a remote in one hand and a bottle of tequilla in the other, posting to LJ one last time before I lay down. Oh no. This is the still-wearing-my-business-clothes "just got home". The kind where I still have to clean up dog shit before I can call it a night. Just had to blog really quick to remind myself just how late it was, cause otherwise I wouldn't have believed myself. =P

Well, at least it's Friday. Just think...if it were a weekday, I'd have to wake up in less than four hours to go back to work. -_-;

Good thing is that I kicked supreme ass tonight. Since I'm the youngest guy on staff, I'm still jokingly refered to as "the intern". So I do relish the times where I have to hold everyone else's hand and show them the way. Tonight was especially rockin', since I just could not be stopped. Bad side is that only Ken was on site with me, so he's the only one that could testify to my awesomeness. The boss'll just see that we both went and we both got the job done. And since we spent so damn long out there, he's prolly gonna ride us for spending so much time doing what was originally going to be a relatively simple task (before everything that could have went wrong ended up popping up midway through the project, that is). He wasn't there, so he won't realize just how much we managed to get done...he'll just see the number of hours it took to do something that he could have done in two or three (assuming everything else was running smoothly, of course). Bah.

Had a real buzz going there for a while. All-nighters like this kind of get me fired up. I catch my second wind and I cannot be stopped. Kind of like when I was playing football, and it was the fourth quarter and we really had to dig in to make it till the end. The goal was so desperately far away, so you had to turn it up a notch. Had to kick it up to eleven if you were ever gonna make it through. Same kind of thing...adrenaline starts pumping, and despite the sleep depravation I was feeling like no man alive could stop me. Of course, now that my body has stopped moving and my brain is no longer being so taxed? I'm starting to crash hard. Better wrap this up quick-like so I can hit the hay.

Y'all take care. Nash out.

[EDIT:] Never the hell mind. Guess who wants to be an insomniac tonight? Bah. Not asleep, but not awake. So desperately tired, but can't even start to nod off in the slightest. That might be for the best, considering that it's 5:30am, but dammit I want some ZZZ's. Guess I'll go start some underground boxing orginiations instead...
Tags: sleep depravation, stress, work
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