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Can you hear it?

Long day yesterday. Spent all morning tinkering with my laptop - apparently, the modem cable needed to be reseated. A minor problem to be sure, but I would have been pissed if the brand new laptop had anything broken so soon after delivery. I paid for the accidental damage insurance, but it'd still mean a month of no-computer-ness till I could send it in and have it serviced and then mailed back.

Spent all afternoon doing yardwork. Nothing fun or amazing about that, other than I'm a little proud that my back's finally good enough for me to be doing such things. I did have kind of a major back spasm afterwards. Not bad enough to paralyze me or anything, but I doubled over like someone punched me in the gut, and it took a few minutes before I could straighten myself out again. However, I think that was just a random nerve pinch instead of anything caused by dragging limbs and cutting grass.

Showed up to Miso early, cause they were having a rummage sale. (Actually, due to the whole back problem thing I showed up an hour later than I had promised, but still made it there before the sale in case I could help out with anything.) They had it pretty much under control, so I whipped out my laptop and proceeded to rape James's laptop of anything and everything that he was willing to put into a shared folder. When the sale opened, I bought Gunslinger Girl, volume 1. There's simply no way that I couldn't buy that. The main attraction was a sword that James brought. Before the sale started, dozens of people were fighting over it, wanting to carry it around and play with it and so on. Meanwhile, the officers were debating whether to sell it for $10 or $15. But since so many people were so excited and said that they wanted it, I managed to convince them to auction it off. In the end, his ten or fifteen dollar sword sold for nearly forty bucks. Sakari Himitsu strikes again!

Second week in a row, too. Last week, everyone was goofing off over the break and got on stage to start dancing to an AMV. Since they looked like something from Coyote Ugly, I had the idea for a spontaneous fundraiser. I whipped out a few bucks and sent James down there to make a big scene and wave' em around and such. I was feeling pretty depressed and didn't want to be in the limelight, and besides, he's the better choice for the charismatic people-person part anyways. Chaos ensued, and everyone else started chipping in. No clue how much folks donated in the end, but I reckon every bit counts.

The meeting rocked, as usual. Spork debuted her AMV, which everyone really liked. (I sevrely need to start tinkering around with AMV creation myself, just as soon as I can get these job-related problems out of the way.) Still loving the hell out of Midori no Hibi. Still confused as hell over Shoujo Kakumei Utena...I absolutely loved that show at first, but now? It's just bizzare. I have absolutely no clue what's going on, or why everyone wants to have sex with their own brothers and sisters, or...well...anything else. But since I liked it so much before these last few weeks, I gotta stick around long enough to see how it ends. And make fun of Touga every time he does his shirtless "End of the World" pose. XD

(Though in all fairness, this week's episode showed up the first heterosexual couple not related by blood. Of course, it looked kind of like a one-night stand and the guy's still banging his sister AND this other guy at the same time...but it's enough that I reluctantly have to retract my previous statements that every single couple in that show is fucked up.) ^_^;

And the best part was that nobody stole my Noir box plus one. Cheebs won FMP - congrats, by the way - but Noir is still sitting there, waiting for me to pick it up next week. ::smirk::

Reckon that's about it. Stuck around to clean up a little bit and mode desks and so on, and then made a side trip to the Mission of Hope dropoff point to give the unsold rummage sale items to charity. Nothing too major, like I said before, but it kept me busy all day and part of the night. Got enough stuff done that I don't feel like I complete waste of sperm. =P

No plans for today. I have to do laundry. Oh joy.
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