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Random Musings

Some good. Some bad. All entirely and utterly random. Yep, it's time for another of those bullet where I jot down the loose bits of information that are currently floating around in my brain:

Firstly: God finally beamed Scotty up for good. James Doohan died today. Suckage. -_-

After last night's study session, I was driving home rocking out to TK101 with the windows rolled down. As the light turned green and both the right lane and the center turn lane both began to slowly creep forward, an elderly man flailed his arms about, desperately trying to get my attention to ask if the intersecting road was Highway 98. The rock 'n roll was so loud that I couldn't really answer - I was lucky just to hear him - so I gave him the ol' thumbs up as we parted ways. Nice guy, but I wonder what he was thinking. (Guess you had to have been there, but I found that slightly amusing.) ^_^;

Today while driving back from my lunch break, two fucktards in a beat-up Ford truck almost sideswiped me. Again with the window down, I glanced over to see their pickup inches away and had to swerve dangerously close to the curb in order not to ruin the side of my Dad's new pickup. They did the NASCAR thing, where the stock car will go into a turn very close to the bottom of the track but come out of it almost up against the wall? Kind of like that, but they started in their lane and drifted quickly slung themselves into mine, right where I would have been if not for my immediate brake/swerve combo.

This in and of itself isn't very blogworthy, but in my fury I very nearly slammed my fist into the horn. I had to let these asshats realize that they almost owed me insurance money, cause otherwise they would have just kept on truckin' without once realizing the depth of their own stupidity. Instead, I almost proved my own stupidity by fist was about to punch the air bag, which oddly is located in the exact same place on the steering column as the horn. Just glad that I managed to adjust my swing in time, slamming my right hand into my thigh instead.

Had a weird dream last night. Ever have one of those days where you're chasing paperwork for hours on end? Stand in this line forever...get a paper...go to another building...wait in line again...get sent somewhere else instead...wait another hour...get a signature...go back to the other office...wait some more...God, I'm driving myself nuts just thinking about it. Well, last night that happened for eight hours straight. I spent the entire night dreaming that I was waiting in line, getting sent from one office to another to yet another on a wild goose chase, all just to do something relatively simple (like print, sign, and turn in one form). Does that qualify as a nightmare?

Night before last was even more odd. I hadn't been eating nor sleeping, so I kind of crashed and was desperate for some shut-eye. My body demanded it of me and didn't really leave me with much of a choice. And since I had the day off, can you guess what happened? Yep, phone calls. EVERY FIVE MINUTES.

No exaggeration, either. Someone's alarm was tripped, and the security system accidentally was dialing my cell phone by mistake instead of the owner of the company or the police or whoever else. Every five minutes, without fail, I'd get a recorded message stating that Mobile Tractor Company's burgalar alarm went off and that someoen needed to check it out immediately.

I'm a nice guy. A stupid guy at times, but a nice guy. And once I was fully awake and aware of what was going on, I called the cops. Figured it was the right thing to do; I didn't want to be one of those selfish pricks that say "It ain't happening to me, so it ain't important" and turn off my phone, completely ignoring someone else getting robbed blind. I call one number, and get pawned off to another department. This bitchy black woman answers. You'd think that they would be there to help, and proably be a little sympathetic towards victims who call, but no. Not a chance. This girl gave me attitude the entire time we were on the phone. I explained the situation fully on more than one occasion, but she'd still keep asking me how I knew what was happening or where this place was. She finally pushed too far. She talked down to me, like I'm some kind of moron. In her most condescending voice, she "explains" to me that she needs the exact address. I pause for a few seconds to make sure she was listening, and I tell her "I. HAVE. ABSOLUTELY. NO. IDEA." She was a little stunned, but then sarcastically asked how was she supposed to find this place then. So I tell her, "Well...I'd suggest using a phone book."

God, it's so much fun being an asshole to the police. (Bitch still couldn't manage to do her job, so she forwarded the call to another lady, who took down my information and politely told me that they'd take care of things.)

Chipper Jones is back in the lineup! Joy!

(That's about it...nothing deep and significant and interesting behind the cut. In fact, you pretty much coulda just skipped clicking on that one.) XD

Spent some time watching the last disc of Azumanga Daioh. I really love that show. And it's not really about anything - it should be boring as hell, because it really has no point, no plot, no punchline. It's just kind of there. But I love it to death.

The one thing that bugs me (besides that damned cat-shaped-dildo thing that they never shoulda put in the series to begin with) is the fact that nobody seems to give a damn about Yomi. I'm willing to bet that most people couldn't even name her. Everyone loves Chiyo-chan and Sakaki-san. And you can't not pay attention to someone like Yukari-sensei. But it's almost like they gloss over Yomi completely. Kind of like in Gilligan's Island when they sing "And the rest" like the Prof. and Mary Ann never really mattered. ::grumbles::

And Kagura...I love Kagura. She's awesome, but from what I can tell online, most folks ignore her too. I find that somewhat odd, since she was a more noticable figure. She got a lot more screen time than Yomi, and was even the star in some of the episodes. But nobody likes her, and that's a damn shame. Do you people not have any taste at all? Didn't think so. You people suck. =P

(Just kidding on that last part. But Yomi and Kagura still don't get no respect.)

And finally: I've run out of stuff to say. Bet y'all are glad to read that one, ne? XD
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