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Down for the Count

First of all, Happy Birthday to Miwa-san. And Happy Anniversary to he and Yuu-san. Double congrats! ^_^

Today was...a day. It started off oddly, with the Monday meeting at work being cut really short. Apparently there's some really big changes coming up, but the bossman doesn't want to tell anyone about them right now. Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but either way I wish that I knew what was up.

Then I had a service call. I was dreading it after what happened last week, but at least it was just a short job - just had to Ghost an image to a new hard drive. Bad news is that it ended up turning into an all-day thing. Good news is that the woman in question was no longer a raving lunatic, and actually was somewhat understanding of my position. Her supervisor (the assistant manager) shook my hand and thanked me for all I did for them. And the computer support person from Florida whom I worked with via telephone for most of the day went on and on about how great it was to work with someone as patient and hard-working and intelligent as myself. I tried to downplay it, but he thanked me and complimented me non-stop for what seemed to be the longest time. I only wish my bosses thought half of what he does; if that were the case, I'd be in pretty good shape. ^_^

Speaking of which, neither of them called me once while I was at the customer site. Usually they'll call every so often to check and see what the status is, or how I'm doing. Not sure if this means that they trust me and they knew that I could handle it on my own, or if they gave up on me and didn't know where the hell I was (since it was only supposed to be an hour job, tops). That happened the other day - I was in the West office working the whole time, but they thought I must have skipped out and left. Guess the just didn't see the light on or something? I dunno, I'm getting some weird vibes off of those two...

Anyways, since I was working the whole time I didn't have a chance to eat. And by the time I was able to leave, it was so late I couldn't take off for lunch without taking off for the day. Didn't want to do that, as mentioned above, because I wanted to make sure they knew that I had just gotten back instead of wondering where I might have been all that time. Besides, I would spoil my supper if I ate so late in the day. So I was starving. And I got so hungry that, after a while, I stopped being hungry altogether. Guess that's from skipping meals on accident and only eating rice cakes when I do have the opportunity for a meal. Taking medicines on an empty stomach that are meant to be taken with meals probably didn't help much either. Same with how light I've been sleeping as of late - not quite insomnia, but close.

At any rate, I started feeling amazingly weak. It started off with me just being unusually tired, but it grew worse and worse as the day progressed. Tough guy that I am, I thought that a few laps on the treadmill would get the blood pumping and make me feel a little more energetic, a little better overall. Instead I drained myself completely. I could barely walk back to the truck, and I could feel myself swerving on the ride home. I almost dozed off several times - pretty much at every stop sign and red light. And while standing on the back steps looking for my house keys, I felt myself tipping to one side. I almost did a faceplant into the cement garage floor. Had enough energy to shower up, but then I sank into a chair and kept nodding off. I never recall actually sleeping, just the jolt of waking up suddenly and the brief confusion of looking around and realizing that it's half an hour later.

Yeah. Prolly a dumb idea to have hit the gym this afternoon. -_-;

Good news though, even with skipping a whole week with my neck/back, I haven't gained any weight (though of course I haven't lost any either). And even better, I suppose, is the fact that I've felt so damn guilty all week because of not hitting the gym. That means that my new daily routine is supposed to include a trip to Powerhouse, and anything but makes me feel like something's missing. I'm glad of that, because I don't want this "no working out" thing to become routine again. It'd be pretty easy to let something like that happen.

Oh, and I fucking love this song. ^_^
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