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Bring your own Bombs


This really pisses me off. London had just been awarded the right to host the 2012 Olympic Games. Those Games are all about all the countries of the world coming together and playing fair in friendly competition with one another. No matter how different they may be culturally and politically and however else, they can all come together and cooperate with one another. Meanwhile, in nearby Scotland the most powerful leaders in the free world were all meeting at a sumit to try to help battle starvation in third world nations. These seperate countries were coming together and using their combined resources to try and help the needy and the less fortunate.

And then some fucking radicals decide to explodify several busses and subway trains, killing at least 40 hardworking, innocent Joes like you or me who just wanted to come home after a rough day at the office.

Very few things in this world are black and white, right and wrong, absolute good versus absolute evil. I wish things really were that easy. But this comes about as close as any "real world" example I can think of. The "Western Infidel" was busy cooperating peacefully with their neighbors and trying to do what they felt was right. And these Al-Queida fucktards start killing people without reason just because they disagree with our politics. There could not be a more extreme, wider gap between the two.

The left-wing fanatics over here accuse Bush of killing innocent people in Iraq. When was the last time that we blew up trainloads of innocent people without any rhyme or reason other than to prove a point? This isn't even about Bush anyways. Or Kerry. Or Republicans or Democrats or Liberals or Conservatives. This is about the terrorists, and them alone. And someone's gotta stop this. The terrorists think that they are going to make us back down. They're just making me want to grab the nearest shotgun and start taking them down myself.
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