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I can't think of a clever or witty title this early in the morning. Deal with it.

I never thought I'd see the day where Jessica Simpson and Willie Nelson were in the same music video. Nor that I'd see cowboy hats or rebel flags on MTV. (Hell, until I started waking up early for this job, I doubted that I'd even see music videos on MTV.) So, it's already turning into an interesting day.

I think I might have lost my USB flash drive, though. Not the 128 that thespacecow gave me for my birthday a year or two ago, but the 512 that the bossman bought me for work. If it doesn't turn up, I'm gonna owe him for a new one. And I don't think it will, since it's not here or at the guess is that it fell out of my pocket while dressing out at the gym. It's not too terribly much, but damn if it isn't the worst possible time for it. I also have to pay a couple of hundred for my dental work. And another couple of hundred to get the AC put back into my truck and charged up. And even more if I want to finally repair the ice damage that the truck recieved up in fucking Washington DC. And, of course, trying to save up enough for an apartment and a laptop. -_-;

Not looking forward to work today. That situation that I've previously alluded to should be coming to a head this morning. Into the line of fire I go...
Tags: money, stress, tv and movies, work
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