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Now you're just being mean.

This damned 290 test is mocking me. As if taking it four times wasn't bad enough...heh.

First time was me rushing it, forcing myself to give it a go at only 70% to try to keep me from falling behind in my class. Bad move on my part, as I kind of underestimated the asskickability of this particular exam. Second time was the one where the computer crashed multiple times during the exam. Easy, easy fucking test, but the program screwed up. Should have passed that one, and would have if not for technical difficulties. Third one? Ten of the 44 questions were on the one area that I was weak in, and the one area that's not even supposed to be covered on that exam in the first place. Numbah four, the most recent of my miseries, was pretty much the same. I completely forgot that this one topic was covered. I studied primarily by re-reading the books, which naturally did not cover this topic that's not even supposed to be on the 290 exam. The new format did kind of throw an unexpected curve as well, but admittedly not a very large one.

My only consolance was that Microsoft was having a "Second Shot" promotion. They actually started this just days after I signed up for my third one. I should have been able to take advantage of it then, but I would have had to cancel my currently scheduled exam and reschedule another one while using the voucher code. And since you could only use one voucher code at a time, I wouldn't have been able to use the 25% off one that I had originally registered with. So I didn't bother to change it...might as well use the one that saves me money, cause there's no way that I'd fail this thing three times, right? Heh. Funny guy. But this fourth time, I was able to use it. So I was not worried about the exam in the slightest. I could get a zero, take it again for free, and just call that failure a free practice attempt.

And I did fail it. No bother. I now know what the new format is like, and I'm back in the certification mindset. It has been quite a while since I've taken one of these things, you know. So I called up Pearson Vue today to cash this in and reschedule the makeup exam. I get some person who called himself "Stanley", but spoke in such a thick Indian accent that their ruse was laughable. Yeah, whatever you say Stanley. It was a little difficult to understand him at times, but I was as polite as I could possibly be. In fact, since I was still in my office clothes and office state of mind, I was almost acting like I do when I'm the tech support guy helping out a customer over the phone (instead of the other way around).

"Stanley" says that it will be no problem, and asks me when I would like to schedule my makeup exam. I glance at my Sidekick's calendar and give him a date. He suddenly goes from being a polite Indian to being a very annoyed Indian without skipping a beat. This may have been justifiable if I had been giving him a hard time up until then, or if I was asking something totally unreasonable. But he just snaps at me. "You can't do that, sir!" Um...okay. Why not? Turns out that the offer ends tommorrow. No problem, right? I'm not asking to schedule the original exam after the deadline. I'm asking to take the makeup exam that I have already paid and registered for a week and a half ago. He yells at me this time, saying that I HAVE to take it tomorrow. I calmly tell him that I couldn't do that even if I wanted to. Besides the absurdly short notice, Microsoft makes you wait two weeks before you can give a failed cert test another shot. The absolute soonest I could take it would be on Monday. Then, with as much sarcasm and downright disgust as I've ever heard in a voice, he sneers and tells me that I'm just going to have to PAY for it. The damn foriegn bastard made it sound like I was trying to steal something, and that, oh my, I'll actually have to pay.

I could have throttled him over the phone. I hung up on his ass, but that still did not satisfy my bloodlust that had slowly been building with each of his smart-ass remarks.

But yeah. Feel free to laugh at how this one exam is blindsiding me, kicking me while I'm down, and then urinating on my unconscious body. That's about what it feels like. (It is only $60, half price from what it's been the first several times. And if I pass, Odyssey will pay for it. So I'm not out anything's just the whole principle of the thing.)

In other news, I got tagged. By two girls at once. Kinky. ::smirks::

So, wishful thinking aside, here's my song list. Hard as hell to think of this cause my taste in music is so varied. I love classical music. I love metal. How the hell do you compare the two? It's like comparing apples and rutabegas. Or Buicks. Buicks may be a more accurate simile. I could maybe pick my six favorite country songs, or heavy metal songs, or classic rock songs, or Jpop songs. But I'm at a total loss to compare things so stylistically different. So, please ignore the many, many glaring omissions on this highly truncated list:

1) Friends in Low Places - Garth Brooks
2) Hurt - Johnny Cash
3) Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
4) Spirit Never Dies - Masterplan
5) Iron Man - Black Sabbath
6) Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd

I feel so downright dirty not putting some songs on here. Creep? A Country Boy Can Survive? Only God Knows Why? Anything by Metallica or KoRn or Nirvana or Soundgarden or Merle or Waylon or countless others? My head hurts just from thinking about it.

And I'll tag...


Y'all have fun.
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