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Guess who's up again already after only a two hour nap? Reckon that's what I get for spending all day in bed. Ah well. Might as well log on and check some posts and emails and such till I get drowsy again and hit the sack for the night. =P

I completely forgot that I still left all my security settings down for this post. I suppose I better think about disabling anonymous comments and turning back on my IP logging. But I'll put it off till tomorrow. So that gives y'all almost 24 full hours to say your piece before I slam the door shut. Hate my guts? Tell me about it. Think I'm hawt and you secretly want to screw my brains out? Let me know (and don't spare the details). Just kidding...but seriously, feel free to post as much as you want without me ever knowing. Good or bad, I'd really appreciate it. C'mon. You know you want to. ::smirk::

::yawns:: Time for bed again. Later.
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