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Bad Mutha Fucker

Pulp Fiction is on. And I just realized that I did each and every thing that they said about Europe. Fries with mayo? Beer in movie theaters? Metric system burgers in Paris? Check. And none of it was fact, I only remembered the "Royale with Cheese" part of it, and it was only by accident that we ended up in a McDonalds. And a Paris one at that. (Yeah, I know it sounds unbelievable, but it's the truth.)

Going stir-crazy with nothing to do. Usually by this time on Saturday night I've got at least a box of Pocky and a bottle of Ramune in my system, and I'm laughing my head off over Excel Saga or Azumanga Daioh or some other comedic anime. Miso-less weekends suck.

Mebbe that's what I'll do...finally get around to blogging about my Europe trip. I'm sure half of the shorthand notes that I jotted down into my phone won't really mean anything to me by this point. Still gotta find time to write it all down though, and it seems that I got plenty of time this weekend.
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