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So, let me tell ya 'bout my day.

Only slept for around four hours last night. I wasn't nervous or anything...just couldn't get comfortable, couldn't get tired enough. Just one of those nights. And I had to wake up early, cause I didn't have a chance to grab a shower last night. Nothing too major, but a little annoying when you couldn't get much shut-eye. ::shrugs::

Drug myself out the door and out to a customer site. I mentioned that last time, I think...while everyone else was sipping coffee at Airport Blvd, I had to wake up earlier and drive out farther and get started earlier doing actual work. On my day off. Amusing, but not really so bad just yet. In short, what I was doing was following up on a service call from Friday. Should have been a 15 minute slam-bam job, but it ended up taking two hours since everything that could go wrong pretty much did. I got it fixed, however, and today I just needed to print out a test page and make sure the user knew how it worked. Kind of a courtesy thing more than anything else, since I didn't get finished till after she left the other day. And, it doesn't work. And I double- and triple- check everything, and it all appears to be okay. And I have a dentist appointment in an hour, so I can't sit there and troubleshoot it for very long. Instead of wasting time (since the clock has been running since Friday afternoon already), I called up the tech support for that piece of software. They don't help me much. It's to be expected that they'd treat me like a user and not a network technician, even after I tried my best to describe to them in as technical terms as I could exactly what I've already tried. But instead of walking me through the process, all they did was have me email them a log file for them to look at, and they told me they'd get back to me in a few hours. Maybe. So I was kinda stuck...woulda tried it myself if I knew that's all they'd do. But, whatever. Just hope I haven't lost too much face there, because that was one of my few regular customers.

The dentists was fun. I thought I was going for a quick cleaning, but instead they spent forever digging huge, bloody calcium deposits out from below my gumline with their sharp, pokey instruments of death and destruction. Won't go into any more detail about that. It hurt, but I can deal with pain pretty good. Got a high threshold. But what really hurt was that I was stuck there for an hour and a half listening to a non-stop Beatles marathon. If I didn't have that test this afternoon, I'd have asked them to put me under to ease my suffering. I swear, between listening to that crap and hearing them describe how messed up my teeth were, I felt positively British. ::groans: But, long story short, I'm now stuck having to go back there twice more and paying sevral hundred dollars for repairs. Yay.

As far as my test goes, I got a 656. Again. The exact same score as two of my three previous attempts. And to think that schooling and computers and such was the one and only thing that I'm supposed to be good at. Meh. Not much else to say, except it was kind of humilliating when everyone was asking me how I did, almost guaranteed that I was going to kick it in the ass. Though it wasn't by any fault of my own, I ended up spendind almost three hours on what was originally a simple job that wouldn't take more than a half hour tops. Then I follow that up with blowing the fucking test yet again. REAL great day at work....on my day off. ::sighs::

I sulk on over to the barbers to get my hair cut. Some guy took me as a walk-in. He started by using the shaver thing with the big plastic guards. No problems, but then he kind of gouges me in the back of the head with it. Accidents happen, and they did have the plastic guards on it so I was pretty sure it didn't leave a divot in the back of my head. Then it happens again. And again. And then he starts combing with one hand, and using the shaver with the other. That's normal, except he was ripping out my fucking hair with each stroke of the comb. Then he starts on the top. You know how they will gather up a bunch of hair and hold it between two of their fingers as they snip the length with scissors in their other hand? He was doing that, except he was trying to push my head down into my ass. Not just resting the weight of his hand on my head...he was pushing down pretty damn hard with his left as he carefully snipped with his right. For most folks that would be uncomfortable, but for me and my crippled neck it's doubly so.

Then a retarded girl sits beside me and starts mooing at me. MOOING. I try to ignore it, because she's mentally handicapped. But she just sat there and fucking MOOOOOOOOOOOED at me for what seemed like forever as the hair stylist person tried to forcibly shorten my spine by several inches. Then I noticed that not only was his hand pushing my head downwards, but it was also trembling. I could feel my whole head slightly vibrating. So I look up and see his free hand shaking much more wildly. While holding scissors. So put two and two together and figure that he's her father and a few marbles short himself. Or a recovering alcoholic or something. And I don't want to be rude or anything, but those scissors were flying around wildly, almost shaking out of his hands. And my neck was bursting out with pain. And my hair looks like shit. And I'm being mooed at constantly. On top of everything ELSE that's already happened before then!

I just don't even fucking care anymore. I'll be all right tomorrow, but tonight, I could care less if a thermonuclear warhead took out everything from Mobile Bay to the Escatawpa River. Fuckitall.

(Though I do think I'll unscreen the comments I've recieved thus far on my earlier post. I could use a pick me up.)
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