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The Teflon Molester


Not guilty of ALL charges. That surprised the hell out of me - I thought that while he'd get probably get away from the first two counts (he is a celebrity after all), he'd be found guilty for the "Jesus juice" at the very least. I never thought he'd get away scott-free.

And I'll admit that it wasn't 100% for certain. The accuser's family was kind of questionable, and perhaps enough so to warrant a Not Guilty verdict through the "beyond a reasonable doubt" part. But even if Wacko Jacko didn't bang this one kid specifically, I'm sure that he's still a threat. He got busted for this in 1993, yet that didn't stop him. A decade later, he gets taken to court yet again for the same damn thing. And since he got away with it yet again, he'll keep on doing the same things. He'll look at gay porn with kids. He'll give them booze and let them sleep in his bed. Even if the lawyers couldn't prove any sexual contact, Michael Jackson is still a threat. He should not be allowed near children. He cannot be trusted around children, and his relationships with them are wildly "inappropriate" even if no one can pin a sex crime on him beyond reasonable doubt.
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