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Go Away, Team Venture!

Stupid nutjob that won the [adult swim] contest. Great idea...but who the hell wants to watch three episodes of the Venture Bros. back to back? That show is, well, not that good at all. ::grumbles::


Miso was okay last night. Had some problems with an asshat that showed up just to piss off a friend of mine. Tried my best to handle the situation the best that I could without crippling anybody, but nothing I did ever seemed to work. Dammit, I hate that. But I did get to "accidentally" slam him into a wall as we were passing each other in the hallway. Didn't see him, so I "accidentally" gave him a hockey shoulder check and went through him instead of around him. I said I was sorry (::cough:: sarcastically ::cough::), so it's all right. =P

Jibrone didn't seem to take the hint though, cause eventually he started following me around and even talking to me, trying to tell me about jokes he'd heard or funny commercials that he'd seen. I stood there stoically, arms folded across my chest in the most bad-ass pose I could muster, and gave him curt, one-worded answers to each of his questions. STILL couldn't take the hint. Tried a different approach later on, and walked and talked with him till he was at the opposite end of the walkway from everyone else. That only met with limited success. Shoulda just told him to get the hell out while he could still walk and left it at that. I may not be pressing 350 like I used to, but I could still light him up without breaking a sweat. (Come to think of it, maybe that's why my previous attempts at intimidation didn't really work as well as I remember. Damn this crippled body of mine...)

Speaking of my former jockishness, it is slowly beginning to make itself manifest once more. I was up to around two and a quarter when I really, really had to do something about my weight. Not that I had many options, with a mangled spine and hormone problems and all, but that was the threshold that I simply was not willing to cross. For some reason I didn't weigh myself in when I first started hitting the gym again, but I'd wager that I was around 215 or 210. Weighed in today to find I'm down to 205. That's almost halfway till my original, unreachable goal of a buck eighty-five. Pretty damn proud about that, even though it surprized the hell outta me at the time. Still ain't lifting all that much, but I have to pay my pennance on the treadmills and bikes before I can worry about beefing up and putting weight back on, much less resuming my martial arts training.

Guess that's about it. Slept late today, hit the gym, watched a bloodbath of a NASCAR race (all-time record 22 wrecks), and now I'm rambling on about unimportant shit on LiveJournal 'cause the stupid Venture Bros. are on [adult swim]. Bah.
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